Friday, January 16, 2009

Inky says....

Inky says, "Thank you everybody . You have been kind to my Mum and she frets about me a lot and doesn't sleep if I am sick."
"Hi Bella and your 3 mates....miaow back."
"My Mum is trying to make me eat and drink and I don't feel like it. She puts chocolate smelling medicine on my paw and I have to lick it off. She gave me some ice cream like that too. She is trying ALL the things you people suggested but not the chicken livers or pate yet. Mostly I turn my nose up and move away, but to keep her happy when she stands me in front of my water bowl I lick for 30 seconds ; just because she won't let up! On Wednesday when she forced me to eat a little pork ( sweet and sour ) I vomited it and my medicine back on the carpet....but have been good since."
"I am now very slim! My Dad has gone down to the Vet this morning for more medicine and some appetite simulant...what?....tablets - you're kidding!"
"I'm keeping them busy anyway."
"My Mum says people called Meggie and Loulee and Julz and Julia, Andrea and Paula, Leanne and Gudrun, and a Yankee Quilter and Lynda and Julie q all are worried about must be that computer things friends, cause I don't remember you all but I like the fuss.
I'm not going for a big, big sleep ...not today anyway. My mum is very relieved about that. "
Signed Inky ( Incubus, feline )


loulee1 said...

Thats good news. ((Hugs)) for Inky and Ali.

Shirley Goodwin said...

Oh I hope Inky is better, it's awful when our pets get old and/or sick.

Leanne said...

Glad Inky is feeling a bit better - it's hard when they are not feeling themselves..

Jasmine & Rosemary said they wouldn't mind living at your place!

Hay a friend is reading Dawn French book & has been reading out parts on the phone to me - I am getting to read it when she has finished it sounds hilarious.

Love Leanne

Guðrún said...

You must be getting a little better as you are on the computer, be brave and eat a little and you must drink water, say hi to your mom.

Molly said...

Hi Inky! What a literate feline you are! I hope you'll be feeling much better very soon.....Hold out for the caviar!

Julz said...

Miaow - so glad to hear you are feeling a little better. Hugs Bella & Julz x

Deb said...

Hi Inky,
Hope things are starting to feel a better for you. Just make sure you drinks lots of water for your Mum. Tell your Mum that my Mum puts ice blocks in my bowl-I love them.
Hope you progress positively,
miaow Frank and Deb

meggie said...

Honey & Leo, (& meggie)send you felicitations. Do get better quickly, for your poor Mum's sake.
I watched a vet on TV saying animals love stinky food, & if it is a little warmed, it smells even more.. warm sardines anyone?

Sooziii said...

Hooray Inky, glad to hear you are feeling better, you had us all worried.