Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mixed Activities

Some fine days. Some like this morning, wet. Our hearts are in our mouths now every time it rains....what more might happen. Luckily so far nothing else.

I have been making lots of pumpkin soup and focaccia bread. We still have more pumpkins growing yet to be picked.

This afternoon and late yesterday I gardened - always lots needs doing. DH has been mowing all afternoon. I'm sure you can see my halo as I spent all morning filing and doing office work.

At the weekend I finished another tiny red fabric basket and at someone's suggestion I put longer handles on it lengthwise ( can be carried like a basket ) but I don't think it looks as cute then. I have cut out the other parts in purple to go with theses 2" squares I sewed together by hand. I am preparing the parts for several different projects as we have a UFO weekend this coming Sat and Sun.

Big jewelled bird is now ready for it's tail feathers. Also I am about to start the Mock Cathedral Windows quilt in denim. So that should keep me busy for the weekend. Some ladies in our group are going to do a quilt in a day. I WANT and need to finish things.

I took this photo of part of the slip / landslide up in the Quarry Park. This is near where it started from. The contents are now in our place, in the dam and creek.Things have dried out somewhat BUT it is still an incredible mess . ( I am sure mother Nature will eventually grass over some of it. )We haven't decided the best way to clear up....if at all.


Molly said...

No matter what happens life goes on...Glad you're getting projects finished! Nothing quite like that for the satisfaction it brings. when the grass grows in everything will look beautiful again.

Guðrún said...

I agree, the basket isn´t as cute with longer handles.