Friday, March 20, 2009

More Positive.

***A fine day.*** Autumn Equinox.***** Avocado picking! *** As it is very late in the season for Avocados it is good for the trees to get them off so the small fruit which will be ready Nov / Dec onwards can have the nutrients and grow big.( there is quite a good crop of small, recently set fruit there for next season )

2 guys with hydraladas (cherry pickers )picked 3.5 bins of very big lovely fruit, which will get sold here in New Zealand. ( exporting has finished for this season ). We have been told to expect a very good price for them- which would be pleasing. Many of the fruit weighed more than 400 grams.( sorry you are too far away, most of you, to be able to share! )


Joyce said...

This is torture! We LOVE avocados but they cost about $1 each here and are usually either rock hard or brown and squishy. I tried tree ripened ones when we went to Canary Islands so I know how those nice fresh ones taste.

Leanne said...

How can I tell which ones are yours in the shops GRIN.
Ok which variety should I buy.

Love Leanne

Ali Honey said...

Hass, Leanne. ( I tis the main variety you will see in NZ shops ( and the only variety exported ) Occasionally at other times of the year you may see Reed or Hays or Fuerte, which are better than nothing. BUT NEVER buy Zutano....they are really only pollinators and taste like soap with strings in it LOL.

MargaretR said...

We were in Tenerife recently and as I was eating my avocado, I told DH. I wonder if this is one of Ali's or do they grow them here? Loved to see the title of your post this morning. I do hope you're drying out? I can smell those loaves here in Wales. Mmmmm!

Guðrún said...

Do they grow on the trees in the picture?

meggie said...

I have noticed Avocadoes are expensive here this year.
It will be a welcome little bonus if you get very good prices.