Wednesday, March 25, 2009

UFO Weekend.

We had a very pleasant 2 days sewing. 7 ladies took a class by TS a very good tutor. One new lady began making her first quilt - she was lucky to get such good instruction right from the start. 7 or 8 others of us worked on UFOs.

I was mother or gopher so got less done than some but finished the purple fabric basket, then began joining the circles for my Mock Cathedral Windows quilt. The photos show how the back and the front ( with the curved flaps,) will look. I am doing lengthwise rows ( 11 circles ) as I don't know how wide it will finish - depends how much used denim I can find.
So far so good. I like the different shades of blue and even the odd spot where I have unpicked a dart.
Yesterday we had to take recycling to the transfer station in the truck so I went too and was able to stop in Greerton at 2 Op shops and came out with a load of denim skirts and jeans. SO lots of cutting to do and now I can continue when I get time. ( there are other such op shops in Tauranga still to suss out for more and I have asked the other P and Q ladies.)
*Gudrun I will take a close up photo of an Avocado tree with little fruit on and show you shortly *


meggie said...

Wow, you still seemed to get plenty done for the Cathedral windows.
Are the Op Shops over there still reasonable? They seem to be getting a little greedy over here!
Perhaps because I go garage sale-ing I notice the difference in prices.

Helen said...

Hi Ali

I've just caught up with the flooding news. Wow, what a mess! I'm glad you are safe but I don't envy you the clean up. Looks like major work to me. Sounds like a patchwork weekend was just what you needed.

Molly said...

I have been squirreling away old jeans for years with the intention of doing just what you are! I'll be eager to see how it turns out!

limpingalong said...

I'm VERY interested in the denim cathedral windows as that is the pattern I've decided on for my denim quilt. It think it will be wonderful when done. Are you going to put batting behind the window fabric or just leave it denim + the other fabric? I sure hope you post a finished picture!

Oh, yes, how did you decide on the size and how did you figure out the size square to use for the circle you cut?

MargaretR said...

I've been catching up with your posts and worked from the top down and as usual it is so interesting to see a bit of your life and work. I'll have to suggest a UFO afternoon to my textile group, SerenTex, it's a great idea.