Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A lot Can Happen in 24 hours.

In the last 24 hours parts of BOP were hit by wild weather. A water spout and an incredible hail storm lashed the coastal area of Western BOP.

The area by the coast where I went for Quilting Retreat recently was worst hit. A roof in the Bayfair shopping complex caved in with the weight. Cars parked in the street are above the wheels in hail. The hail storm reached us later in the afternoon and came back a second time. We watched in horror as the thunder clapped and hail began to fall. Luckily we only got the edge of the storm. There are some holes in the leaves of the Kiwifruit vines but no visible cuts on the fruit. Bruising may show up in a few days. Other orchards were hit worse. The ones near Te Puke are very badly affected. Picking will stop in all affected orchards ( not that much was getting done with the constant rain anyway )so bruised or damaged fruit doesn't get exported.

We seem to have been waiting to pick for ages but it is only since early Sunday. Unkindly the sun will peep out for half an hour and I think the weather is improving....then you guessed it down comes the rain again. This is our 27th crop of Kiwifruit and it has never not got picked in all those years....I do hope that trend continues.

Now for something brighter( literally ! ). I am sewing braided strips for borders on the Jewelled Bird quilt, using the colours that are in the bird..... it is a slow job but going well and I have bonus sewing time at the moment! If I have sufficient fabric I will make the border right around the quilt. I will make that decision when I have completed the first 2 sides. I think it looks choice when laid against the black fabric.It will then get black binding.
I hope Mother Nature is being kinder to all of you world wide!


Diana said...

Oh my gosh, I have never heard of hail that bad! I hope that the weather clears up for you and you can get the kiwi picked soon.

The border is looking really good. I think it will contrast really well with the dark background.

loulee said...

The braid looks beautiful. It will be stunning next to the black. I do hope the weather improves soon.

meggie said...

I think many old school pals have Kiwifruit farms in the BOP. I feel sorry for them, at the mercy of the weather.

Pixie said...

ohh, I was worried, I do hope the damage is minimal and it's all export quality. loving the braid.

Leanne said...

We saw the damage on the news last night. We felt for the family they were interviewing.

I bet you will be holding your breath
over the next few days.

Brent asked if you were affected - he doesn't read your blog but I usually tell snippets of your orchard life.

Love Leanne

PS the kids loved reading your story about circus.

Guðrún said...

We have had 4 windy days, just like in wintertime. I hope the weather is better at your place so the kiwis can be picked.