Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Nature's Bounty.

We had a happy weekend at Quilting Retreat. 14 ladies slept over the 2 nights and 10 more came on Saturday. Space to lay out quilts in progress was at a premium so some had to use the floor in the corridor or wherever. 10 ladies did a mystery quilt with Jill and they all looked lovely, and different from each other. I did my own thing working on my 2 quilts in progress.( so Thanks for your company, Maureen;Denise;Evelyn; Karen; Alison; Faye: Heather; Sandra; Rosemary; Tina: Joy and Pat.)

The RDMCWQ is almost complete - just a few more rows of quilting to go.The photos show it on the lounge floor and also the design the quilting is making on the back.
I know it is supposed to be the merry merry month of May but so far for me it has been the Busy, busy Month of May.
We have a surplus of Nature's Bounty too harvest. Persimmons, Feijoas, Chestnuts and Pumpkins.( the persimmon trees have beautiful Autumn foliage as well as yummy fruit )
The main one; the Kiwifruit is ready to pick, the sugar levels are rapidly going up, but it has just poured with rain and a little hail which is really worrying - hail can ruin the fruit. we should start picking any day now though.
Everything outside is wet so I'll go and work on those final rows of stitching.( after I have caught up reading your blogs! )


Tracey Petersen said...

I'll think dry and un-haily-y thoughts until you have picked all the kiwifruit. I want to be able to buy them and eat them!

Diana said...

The denim quilt looks really good. I bet it's nice and warm! I hope your kiwis make it through the storms.

KC Quilter said...

That quilt is amazing and the quilting just really enhances it! Love everything about it.
Can't wait for some delicious kiwi!

Helen said...

I love persimmons too. Not being a gardener I didn't realise they had such beautiful foliage. The denim quilt looks great. Is it very heavy? Glad you had such a great retreat.

Guðrún said...

I hope it will stop raining so you can pick your kiwis before they get ruined.

jannimary said...

I just love the way your denim quilt has turned out. It is a design I've always admired.

Shasta said...

The cathedral windows looks wonderful. I have a couple of those fabrics in mine!

meggie said...

I hope the hail stays away for you!! I love ther persimmon leaves, as well as the fruit- they were my mother's favourite fruit.
Your quilt looks really wonderful.

It seems you had a very productive & fun retreat!

limpingalong said...

I plan to make a quilt like yours, out of denim. I would like to ask if you used a pattern or you just winged it. I can cut the circle but am not sure if my square for the center is the right size. How does one determine just what size to cut the square piece? Just do trial and error?
Your quilt looks very good and makes me excited about getting started on mine!