Saturday, May 23, 2009

Making Aprons.

Yesterday at my P and Q Group we were all busy making aprons. They are all the go you know! ( if they ever went away )
Val had given the instructions out 2 weeks ago so many of us had already made a start. Many of us had come up with better ways of putting one together and I had started looking for other alternatives to using a fat quarter and all new fabric. In my photo the purple and mauve floral apron was done according to the instructions using a Fat Quarter ( hydrangea range ) and the colours are lovely - nicer than the photo shows.
The apron on the right was made using a previously made block - intended for a quilt ( I have 5 more just the same ) that I went off and had waiting in my sewing cupboard.( one of my rare UFOs )
I have also got ready a pieced border that didn't get used that I intend putting with calico and other fabric to make a cheaper apron. There are all sorts of possibilities and me being me, intend to explore them. They will make lovely gifts. I personally prefer the aprons that look like a patch worker made them. I am taking progressive photos so could do a tutorial, as they are very easy.


MargaretR said...

I can just imagine UFO's are a rare thing in your life. you manage to do such a lot. I love those aprons.

meggie said...

The aprons are lovely! A tutorial would be handy.

Guðrún said...

Very cute aprons :)

Deb H said...

They are beautiful aprons. I'd be afraid to wear them & mess them up!

When I first started quilting my girlfriend told me you aren't really a quilter unless you have at least 6 unfinished projects! I have way more than 6!

You must be very organized.

Bubble said...

Wow Alison your Blog is awesome. Lovely yo hear from you. Your so busy. I don't really know how this Blog business works. I just wanted to get away from Facebook!! Nancy still has the lovely ball you made her we will treasure it always. Love to you both
Sal xx

Katney said...

Oh, please do a tutorial. Theya re charming.