Friday, October 16, 2009

Broad Beans.

On the 1st of October I showed a photo of how tall our Broad beans  ( faba beans in some parts of the world ) had grown. We have been eating them for some time. Folk seem to love or hate them. We obviously love them....BUT young and tender ones!  If I ever buy frozen ones in the OFF season I always peel them so only the green inside is left.( time consuming )
   We now are in the fortunate position of having lots to pick almost daily. I have "been," doing some research on Bbeans and am glad to find they are a good source of Vitamin A , C, folate; Thiamin ( B1 ) iron and phosphorus;  have no bad cholesterol and are good for the heart. Apparently when eaten with either grains, nuts or  seeds they form a complete hi fibre vegetable protein.( same reason baked beans on toast are good for us ! )
I conclude therefore they are good for us.....this fresh even better. We eat them podded and briefly boiled; this small there is no nasty leathery grey skin . Earlier on we were eating the whole small pods and leaf tips.

One way to enjoy them is with pasta......I might put my made up recipe here tomorrow.


Meggie said...

I am green with envy for your BBeans! I love them, so your recipe sounds nice. I no longer eat butter or marg, but used to love them soaked with either. I guess a dash of E V Olive oil will have to suffice.

Bubble said...

Alison I love your blog your so creative, and it makes me really homesick for NZ. Hope your all well. We really miss your beautiful land. Love Sal xxxxxxxx

Guðrún said...

We don´t grow the beans here in Iceland.