Saturday, October 24, 2009

Some Success.

Thimbleanna your right; it's because I love blogging and talking with all you like minded ladies!
Some successful date scones were made here this morning .  A huge improvement, so again thanks for the helpful tips.  ( R said they were light and tasty! )
Yesterday at Tga P and Q group we had the Papamoa Patchers ( a newish group ) join us for lunch and Show and Tell. It was a very successful day, with  much talk and laughter and sharing of ideas. Our room was really full and certainly lacking in good places to display all the lovely work ladies shared with us.
A while ago I told you about a project and  showed you a little block I had made for a group quilt ( s ) that was being put together from Marie's ( deceased ) fabric's  to be given to her family for the grandchildren to use. The first quilt is finished and displayed yesterday. This is the pastels quilt. There may be enough blocks still coming in to make 3 quilts.
 Another Marie in the group had tied it for us, which suited it . This  was made from a huge variety of fabrics and sewers so a good group effort.

We have got back to better weather which is encouraging things to grow.  Here are R's first potatoes( Marris Anchor )( first time we have tried this varriety ) hoed up and the second lot just through (Agria ). The Pukeko have been scratching a bit but this patch is down beside a kiwifruit block so not fenced. Last year this patch grew all the pumpkins. My herb and salad garden is producing in abundance!
For the rest of the day while the sun is out there are lawns for me to mow, and gardening jobs galore.
I hope your weekend is enjoyable !


Tracey Petersen said...

The pastel quilt is lovely. Well done to all involved.

kiwicarole said...

Your spuds look healthy! I planted quite a few last year, but not so many this year. I've also cut back on the number of strawberry plants I replanted. Our weather here has bee so bad I've not felt like gardening!

Nellie's Needles said...

What a wonderful idea your group is carrying through for the family of your deceased friend ... making quilts from her stash.

Your scones look good enough to eat.

Meggie said...

A lovely idea to make those quilts for the grandchildren. It is very pretty.