Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Second Winter.

New Zealand is experiencing a very cold patch of weather. It is Spring here but suddenly Winter weather returns. In some places there is snow where they hardly ever get Te Aroha where R's brother lives.
This is the top of Mt Te Aroha for those of you who know NZ.
The Desert Road and the Napier Taupo Road have noth been closed with snow.  Where we live it has been cold but not that cold. ( about 3-5 dgrees centigrade with a nasty lazy know one that goes through you not round you. ) It's  better today but still unpleasantly cold.
 We have just had 5 days of visitors.( 6 adults ) Of course the first thing that happened - Murphy's law...was the 2nd toilet mal functioned so couldn't be used...but we managed. The weather here was appalling so mostly we were all inside. My sewing machine has been shut away in the cupboard for that time ( withdrawal syptoms ) as both the bench where I sew and the big table were in constant use. ( for food! ) So no sewing (except a few seams  by hand ) to show. Yesterday after lunch the sun was back but still very cold but out to orchard work..... late in the afternoon some more friends arrived, ones we enjoy; but they were just passing through.( there are 365 days in a year why do all our vistors turn up at the same time ?   )
Today I am still in the house putting rounds of washing through, but will return to the orchard after lunch. But it never rains but it pours ( as the old saying goes ) ....I got a phone call to say the oldest member of our greater family had died aged 96. He just stopped breathing...what a wonderful way to pain, not sick -  just old. So now sometime in the next few days we will have to travel down country ( about 4-5 hours )to his funeral in Patea, South Taranaki. It will be a great family get together, but we are quite busy, but we WILL be going. So if I am quiet again for a few days that will be where I am.


Guðrún said...

So you have the same weather as here.

Meggie said...

We are having cold winds too. Most unseasonal, with snow in areas south of Sydney.
Condolences on your loss, but as you say, the perfect way to go.

Tracey Petersen said...

I'll send you some of our weather. It will melt snow, people, maybe even roads...

Sorry for the loss of your eldest family member.

kiwicarole said...

How did you fare with the latest weather? We had gale force winds last night and no power!Snapped trees and blew our outdoor furniture all round the section! We had rain warnings but no wind warnings.