Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Return Journey.

We drove home from South Taranaki by the West Coast route.The weather improved and warmed as we progressed northward.
Well trimmed pine trees on the family farm.

Mt. Egmont was hidding in the clouds so it didn't matter that we cut across to the North Taranki coast and followed the road by the sea ( in places ).

West Coast beaches have black ( iron ) sand and are quite rugged and unpopulated except for little clusters of batches in suitable inlets and sheltered spots. Lots of driftwood and other treasures wash up there.( small boats, fishing floats etc )

A flowering Rata vine in an old tree ( it's host ) almost dead, but the Rata survives.This road has 2 tunnels, always a hi light on this trip when we used to have 2 small boys on board.

This was new - a lovely little modern cafe with wonderful coffee and yummy eats, at the little settlement of Piopio.( would recommend it )
When we got to Kihikihi we took the first turn off mistakenly( it's been a while )instead of the second but very much enjoyed the scenery we saw. We crossed inland lower than we should have and went across the Arapuni Dam and meet the road home at Putararu.

Then over the Kaimai Range and home before it was dark. ( much warmer here Loulee ! )

Sunday was spent washing and catching up and yesterday I spent the entire day in the orchard to catch up as the sprayer was coming and we got behind with the crush tipping. R spent his time mowing so there would be no flowering weeds under the vines and therefore no bees on them...a precaution we take when the vines are getting sprayed - the new growth needs protection from leafroller caterpillars.( bees are our friendly workers and we like to protect them ) Today the plumber is here and I need to restock the pantry cupboard.


Diana said...

Lovely scenery, Ali. And I LOVE the name of the restaurant!

Molly said...

What a lovely drive! When I was out in California earlier this year, just after my battery had died on my camera we came to a beautiful beach with black sand! One of these days I hope my daughter will get around to sending me the photos we took there with her camera!

loulee said...

It looks warmer too. Hunney and I are hoping to get up North on this visit.

Gina said...

Beautiful photos

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Rose Marie said...

Beautiful photos and I enjoyed the journey.
BTW ... your email set-up is now 'no-reply'. I was going to reply back to a comment you left me.

Ali Honey said...

Hi Rose Marie, I have changed that back for a trial period, but if I start getting other chunk email etc I will remove it again. Cheers Ali.

Meggie said...

Lovely pics of your trip.

Guðrún said...

Beautiful landscape. Thanks for sharing.