Sunday, December 20, 2009

Bright Colours.

I'm very pleased with the strawberries I have grown!  24 big beauties here.
A few more hex stars got finished and I am still working on some as the others get popped in with presents.
My "Lists" have been invaluable this last week and crossing items off certainly motivates me. Orchard work is being fitted in around many other things needing my attention.
The weather has been hot and very, very windy! Right now it was forecast to rain but the wind is too strong and the clouds sailed over the top of us;  so keep on watering the new plantings! Some colourful spots in the garden are getting trashed by the wind.

These Godetias are low growing and okay but the blue delphinium wasn't staked so got knocked over. It's blue colour still delights me.
This group is rather in your face colour!

Tomorrow first thing the stump grinder is coming to deal with the big stump I have been clearing around which finally got finished in the heat yesterday morning. R took pity on me and gave me a hand - phew! ( photos of that tomorrow when the beast is working )
Amongst the things pulled out was a Poinsetia, so I salvaged the few flowers . ( a reminder of a Christmas past that started in a pot ! )
Finally more flowers. These lovely Calla lillies were getting spoilt so I picked a bunch for the coffee table.( note new blue cushion I finished 2 weeks ago )

* Happy Birthday Pam! Were you dreaming of a White Birthday?
*Well done Molly; I hope the ball turns out well ....please show when finished!
* We have been picking LOTS of green peas and shelling them and enjoying them but also freezing some for Christmas Day as I think they will be over by then. When friends have been here twice this week it was SO good to be able to serve up our own new potatoes; peas; lettuce; radishes  etc. WE also have an oversupply of courgettes so I think some fritters might be on today's menu.


Françoise said...

Love to look at your flowers pictures while it's all white and so cold here...

Diana said...

I agree with Francoise. Those bright pinks and blues look so wonderful when everything here is brown and gray. Your hex ornaments are lovely.

Bubble said...

I can almost taste those Strawberries fab xxxxx

Meggie said...

Your produce all sounds so delicious & I wish my measly strawberries had turned out like yours! I remember we always had fresh home grown peas & small newly dug potatoes for New Year's Day. No one seems to bother with a New Year's Day gathering here, I have let it lapse too.

notHamilton said...

Thank you for the birthday wishes! I think for the first few years, the novelty of snow is great fun - but it won't take long to start dreaming of the beaches at home :)

Guðrún said...

It is a lot of work to take care of the garden so close to Christmas, something I can´t imagine I could fit in me schedule, I am glad I am up in the North :)