Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Stump Work.

Stump work; no not the embroidery kind; the removal kind.
This is a before photo. If you look really hard you can just see the side of a stump lurking  near the front. It was being camouflaged by large clumps of Renga Renga Lillies and a Sandpaper vine.

This is a view from the side. I removed everything but the border of blue bulbs which are dormant at the moment and I hope will survive under the ground.

Here is the stump of a huge 28 year old Gleditsia tree. ( We did NOT plant it here - the previous owner did ) Although cut down several year ago it would not stop sending up shoots and suckers with menacing thorns.
I suppose it could have stayed as it was in the top photo but the lillies kept overhanging the deck and the boards have rotted and now all need replacing. While that is done we are going to extend it out to the black upright posts and along under the eves.This whole area behind was mulched with large smooth rocks( several truck loads ) which we had to remove down to the creek.

This morning the guy arrived with his small stump grinder and set to.
And Now...just a pile of mulch!

It now needs cleaning up; some of the mulch removing and the builder can begin the deck job - possibly before the end of the year.
That will then be one less area to have to weed and we will have a much enlarged decked area for a few plants in pots and maybe another seat.


Isabelle said...

How lovely to see the sunshine and warmth (can one actually see warmth?) in your picture. It's rather chilly here.

Happy anniversary for Wednesday! Our actual wedding anniverary is Dec 27 - the middle of winter here, of course.

Meggie said...

A shame the lillies went, but suppose they can grow elsewhere. YOu will have a lovely deck area once it is finished.

Guðrún said...

It is great to have a big deck and as you say smaller area to weed.