Monday, December 07, 2009


Everything is looking green around here. The rain perhaps. Green writing; green surrounds; green garden photos and green fingers! The sun shone yesterday so some hours were spent in the garden.
R's  row of peas are just ready. We pulled the row of giant broad beans out and have lots of lovely things coming ready.

From This to this......

SO Yummy!
Some answers.
 * Yes, Lou it was Pak'n Save. Not where I usually shop; I prefer New world, but interesting to check it out while there.
* Sal there was no honey involved  - that belongs to the bee keeper not us; we just rent the hives for a couple of weeks. They went home last night on the bee truck.( I saw the photo of you both in London. )
* Deb I'm useless as a sleuth......but if you are still looking for a gift I think last times was good except the fabric was too coarse and had to be swapped for something with closer weave.
*** Cheers have a busy week everyone.


Joyce said...

All that green looks so wonderful. Everything is white around here.

Briggsy said...

Thanks Ali

Meggie said...

Oh the envy from me, over those peas. I can remember sneaking into my Grandfather's gorgeous garden, & eating the peas from the pod!
And Feijoas... one forgets, that lovely fruit salad flavour. They are rarely seen in shops over here.

ROZ said...

We grew peas in our yard years ago. they never made it into the house. My kids used to go out in the yard and pick and eat them on the spot.

Guðrún said...

Very green post :)