Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Reading Time.

( day lily )
I'm having the morning indoors today. We had overnight drizzle again and everything is wet in the orchard. Unfortunately that is all we got drizzle ; not enough to soak in and do much good. Since the family went home on Sunday afternoon we have been back working with the kiwifruit thinning and taking off rejects - there is just so much to do. I am so glad to have my old radio as company and have been very pleased with what I hear on National radio especially in the morning with Noel.
  While we have had extra bodies here and big meals needing the big bench ( my sewing space ) my sewing machine has been back in it's bag in the cupborad - for more than a week now; SO  no sewing and actually no time. I have however enjoyed some new books.
In a gift from my sister was a magazine called Taste with lovely holiday food ideas. I don't buy mags like that these days so it was a treat . I am now reading the book she sent called Kitty by Deborah Challinor set in NZ 1839. I finished Access Road by Maurice Gee in 3 days. ( I like his writing style. Also set in NZ )
At the bottom of the photo I popped in the machine embroidered glasses case Sooziii sent - Thanks Soozii you certainly have that machine mastered.
Only you quilters will understand this. Along with a gift that a family member gave me was a bag from a market stall she had spotted and grabbed for me saying there might be something you can use in there . How can you say that was the best thing I was given - in it a bag of old buttons and fabric scraps ranging from small to about half a metre of some - none I had. TO me that is treasure - I have ironed and inspected it all and added to my small stash. My mind has been planning some projects, so as soon as I get some me time the cutting board will be back on the table.
Thankyou all for the comments and Good Wishes. I have enjoyed seeing what you are all doing at this time of the year - some out playing in the snow, some with flooding, some with summer heat. 


Meggie said...

I know that feeling when you get a mystery bag of treasures! How lucky you are. Love the gifts, & must say, I always enjoy NZ writers. My brother often gives me great NZ fiction & I always enjopy it all.
I send hugs & love for 2010.XX

loulee said...

Oooh! A bag of goodies, that should tempt the sewing machine out of hiding! LOL
Happy New Year.

kiwicarole said...

Hope you have a fantastic 2010 Ali!!
hugs, Carole

julieQ said...

What a lovely bag of treasure! I would love that too! Happiest New Year to you.

Tracey Petersen said...

A bag of old buttons! I love the very thought of it. Happy new year.

Andrea said...

Happy New Year to you Ali xxx