Saturday, March 03, 2012

Harvesting and Sewing.

Today I have been in at our rooms helping make bed sheets for Ruel Foundation ( in the Philippines ). ( it is one of the charities our P and Q group like to help. )The material was donated; it just needed us to sew it. D measured and cut . I sewed hems. She was then making the fitted corners for some. 
 A S  was there finishing off a lovely apron she is making for a gift. We have all made lots of aprons from this pattern. It is a good one for featuring a really nice fabric.( like this grape one )  It still needs a pretty button added.
 Yesterday because of the storm warning that had been issued in NZ I was out harvesting flat out.
I am so proud of the large number of beans I have got off my plants in my little extra piece of garden. The soil is not so good there but it is very free draining and once the plants get established they seem to go on and on. We also have another row in R's garden and some climbing scarlet runners. But my lot have produced far far more and haven't finished yet.Yesterday there was a whole colinder full.
 We have also started using some of the butternut squash and buttercup pumpkins.
 The tops are now dying off rapidly. There are at least 30 possibly far more. We will keep a tally as we pick them. I also picked the biggest watermelon as it was going spotty ( not sure we can save it for you V ).( still another left but the plant is dying. )

 We have got off very lightly in the current storm. Not so where we used to live in South Taranaki. The towns of Patea and Waverley has had an incredible bashing.


Jennifer said...

That's a pretty apron! Glad the storm didn't get you - parts of NSW are flooded, and this time the floods are pretty bad.

Bubble said...

Lovely apron, i love the colours. Butternut pumpkins are very expensive to buy here. Did you not get the storm Ali, i heard it was pretty bad?? Love to you both. <3 xxx

Molly said...

I remember that apron! I made a couple from your pattern for our quilt guild bazaar a few years ago....Wonderful to have as much fresh produce as you get from your garden, though I know it takes quite a bit of hard work!