Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Flowers, Leaves and Butterflies.

Today the sun is back. When I first spotted the monarchs there were 8 on these 2 flowers. By the time I went back to the house for the camera only 3 were still here. Obviously there is some tempting nectar in these mature Cunonia( butter knife bush ) flowers. Do you see the red butter knives too?

 At the weekend family were here and I got given a large bunch of orchids that had come from a commercial grower. The stems were not straight so they could not be export quality because of that. I just cut the stems down and now have a huge vase of orchids  - but not in the lounge where the fire is making things too warm...I want them to last.
 This is my favourite colour closely followed by the white with the hint of pink. My own orchids in the garden are in bud but not yet in flower. They get a bit chewed and knocked around being grown just in the garden.
 The wee Nashi ( Asian pear) tree ( planted in July 2010 ) has pretty Autumn leaves. I hope this year it may have it's first fruit. It is growing in the Home orchard which is some distance from the house. In the same area my Persimmons are still being eaten by other creatures - possums; and native birds - I am picking a few and ripening them inside otherwise there would be none for me and I love them. ( they turn bright orange when ripe )
 Also in this area is our lime tree and I collected the first few of them for this year.

It has been a great drying day and I got a full clothesline of washing completely dry by 3 pm. There was sun and a good breeze. That is always good after several wet days.
 On the quilting front the end is in sight. Tonight's hand sewing on the binding should see the job completed!

 Walnuts are still being collected and shelled. Almost finished dropping now.
 Walnut Tally = 4,386


Jennifer said...

Very pretty orchids, and I love the butterflies! Those pesky possums are such a nuisance in NZ, aren't they - I bet you all curse the day they were first released. It was definitely the wrong thing to do, in hindsight.

Relatively Retiring said...

Lovely pictures - I can't imagine being able to grow orchids outside!
What do you do with the walnuts? Pickled walnuts are delicious.

Françoise said...

Beautiful pictures Ali! We've had a few hot days here but no butterflies yet. It's stiil too early in the year.

Cottage Tails said...

I just can't wait till our trees grow up and produce like yours.
The nashi tree is real pretty - have to see if they will grow down here.
Love Leanne

julieQ said...

Now that is a lot of walnuts...yum!

qifei2012 said...

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