Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Trying to be Positive.

60 mls of heavy rain fell last night and 8 more till now today, so that has put a halt to kiwifruit picking for everyone in BOP  - us included.  ( more rain is expected over next 3 days )
 Our fruit raced in at it's "official test." Well over 7.0% ss. The dry matter test came back as very high( 7.2  as compared to our last year's reading of 5.8 ) (the pack house said one of the very highest so far this season. )( the good part is we get paid more the higher it is ) They want to pick our fruit and keep it in Controlled Atmosphere store.  The problem is it is not yet picked, so as soon as the rain goes away we are next in line.  The ground will be very wet for the tractors and trucks. This is our 30th crop of export kiwifruit, so we have been held up by rain before. So we are trying to be positive!
I finished making this small bag from 2 canteen bandanas. ( 2 squares about 20"sandwiched together with light batting and bound ) I tried making a bag as directed just folded up like an envelope but did not care for it (ugly.) So what to do? I got a square of paper and did origami till I came up with something I liked. It will get handed back to Canteen along with lots of others our group has made and some small quilts.
Lots of walnuts got shelled today. R did about 3/4 of these. When bagged up they weighed 3.105 kg.
 This photo of the mustard crop in the vege garden was taken before the rain.( it's a bit flattened  today but will bounce back I hope.)  I think the colour is amazing.
 This is my perigee moon photo taken when the full moon was closest to the earth, last Sunday night.
 Today quite a lot has been accomplished.. Bag finished, walnuts shelled, car to garage for WOF, scones made . Yesterday was not a good day; most of which I will not go into, but partly because I went to the dentist. I broke a tooth 1 week ago and was to see the dentist who was away last week next Tuesday. They rang with a cancellation that I could take if I wanted it; so I did .For me going to the dentist is a big deal.  The actual procedure was very high tech and painless but I did have to have the gum cauterised away - the smell was disgusting! I was there exactly 30 minutes and it cost NZ$ 477. Nothing else needed doing luckily.
 The only other unexpected and quite pleasing thing that happened yesterday was by way of an email from a Swedish advertiser asking my permission to use one of my photos in some promotional material they are putting together. It was a shot I took in Singapore last year.
 Feeling flattered of course I gave permission. Perhaps more interestingly they had found it I guess by a search ( google )  as the photo was on this blog last August.
 Lots more inside jobs should get done tomorrow.


Diane-crewe said...

hope you have a better day x

Jennifer said...

You have been very busy! Wow, 60 mls in one night.....that's a lot of rain.