Friday, May 18, 2012

"Oh No!"

"Oh No!" You know what happened don't you?  While I was eating my lunch yesterday my only 10 day old,  $477 tooth filling broke off. So back to the dentist next week for I'm not sure what.( a crown? )

Now to more pleasant things....
 R wanted an apron that he could get really dirty ( and ruin maybe ) while he was doing a glueing job in the shed. This is what I made him from an old shopping bag.
 Cut down one lot of the side seams and fold up forwards to make some pockets . Cut off one set of handles from this part. Make 2  ties and sew into  next side seams of the edge pockets and there you go. Make more pockets by doing a double row of stitching. By the handle that became the neck strap I folded a triangle under and sewed it down. Time about 1/2 an hour. I suggested putting the advertising on the back but no this was more colourful.
 Wanting a bit of a change for hand sewing in the evenings I have gone back to making one of my felt embroidered  balls for babies..  this is number 21. I try to make them all original ( not any 2 exactly the same, although some motifs get repeated cause they just work well ) I needed some new motifs. I came up with a pea pod.
 It is not all that easy to think of suitable motifs that are not too detailed. Needs to be something that a baby might see and be able to say.  This ball so far has a sheep, a strawberry, a bunch of balloons and  a large single flower. There are 12 pentagons on each ball, so 12 motifs. ( any suggestions? )
 This morning a very pleasant Asian fellow named George from Chorus came to fix our very, very noisy telephone connection. It had more cackle than a trio of witches. He found the fault was down the road near the neighbours'  gateway and our wire was so corroded it fell apart when he touched it. We can now hear loud and clear again. Thanks George.
 The weather is pretty awful -  I feel for those kiwifruit growers who are still waiting to get their crop picked.
* Deb the fruit fly found in Auckland seems to be the only one found. Luckily it has had no impact on us or other growers exporting fruit. 

walnut tally = 4,278 ( and still dropping )


Molly said...

Those baby balls are so pretty! And a very creative solution to your husbands need for a cover-all.....

Molly said...

Not the balls, the old bag...oh dear, I'm just making this worse!

I hope you got your filling taken care of without additional pain or expense!

Laurie said...

What a great design ...may be Caroline Eve may have to employ you as their designer
The ball is lovely ... and OH! dear hope it is not to much expense at the dentist but knowing them well !!!!.... may be no fabric for a couple of months for you . hugs Laurie

:: CCB's Knit-Knacks :: said...

Love the apron.
The balls are so sweet! How about a bumble bee? Butterfly or dragonfly? Would look lovely.

Ali Honey said...

Thanks CCB. I have done butterflies before successfully. A red admiral and a monarch. I haven't yet tried a bumble bee or a dragonfly, but will Thank you.

Cottage Tails said...

no doubt you have done a cat on the ever so cute baby balls before!

Never ever fun going to the dentist and to have to go back yuck!

Our count for walnuts is still 2. I keep sharing with Brent your count smile.
Love Leanne

Gillie said...

An apple, a sun? Love the apron especially as my second treasure is called Caroline. Ouch to the amount of money and the the pain!