Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Gun Stapler Who Did!

 This is our gun stapler today sitting back on it's shelf in the workshop ( R's shed ), where it lives most days. Last Friday it had to be rushed into service because mysteriously the one being used to attach the bin cards to the bins disappeared.
 Most of the time Rob the forkie , was doing that job but if he was busy loading bins, Brent the truckie would pick it up and staple on some cards.
 But then it wasn't there. Rob looked everywhere. I looked everywhere. Even silly places it was unlikely to be. I had a "girl" look! No. Not anywhere.  It wasn't on my outdoor office desk   ( really a picnic table )by the packet of staples ; it wasn't on any of the empty bins. It wasn't on the ground. It wasn't on the stack of full bins.
 " Where did you have it last, " I enquired? 
"When we loaded that last truck full," was the reply.
 "Do you think it is possible you put it on the truck deck?"
" Yes," was the reply. "Ooh ...."

 The other Rob was quickly on the mobile to the truckie now well on his way across town to the packhouse. Of course driving along he couldn't see anything but when he arrived 20 kilometres away at the pack house, there right on the back of the flat deck of this truck was
the Stapler.
 Quite by chance I had taken this photo a bit late as the truck disappeared down our driveway. I had discarded the photo as not being much use, but today I took it and enlarged it and look what I can spy.
 If you click on the photo there is the stapler lying flat on the deck at the back right hand side.
 The truckie popped it in the cab with him where he could keep an eye on it and about 90 minutes after it left the touring Gun Stapler was back on the job.
I think it says a lot for how carefully and smoothly the truckie drove. He would have braked at our gateway and certainly at the compulsory stop at the corner of our road and the main highway. Probably at the traffic lights on the outskirts of the city. Definitely at the lights to turn down the road into the pack house and still it lay there.
 Needless to say young Rob who lost it was quite relieved he didn't have to explain to the boss where the stapler was ( wasn't ).


Jennifer said...

Your driver could probably drive carefully on eggshells!

Molly said...

Never would have thought that a story about a stapler could be so interesting and make me laugh!

Summer Daniels said...
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Meggie said...

That would make a great tale to tell a youngster. Teach them to replace things when finished?