Monday, December 10, 2012

23 Days Later.

Leanne and Meggie this is what I found 23 days after I showed you the photo of the wee bird's nest
I think there are 5 baby Goldfinches.
 We have Goldfinches around and the description fits.
 In my Fiat Common Book of Birds it says * Nest -  Sept to Dec; usually 2 broods.
 Eggs 4-6. Nest =  neat round structure of grass roots, cobwebs;hair, lined with thistle down, wool or feathers . Right again ( Plus some sparkly stuff ) 5 - 12 feet off the ground.* Yes about 6 foot in our case.
 What a squash in there when there are 5 babies!
 I will keep an eye on them till they are big enough to fly.
 It is all go around here today.
 The decking timber arrived. Graeme and R discuss some technicality.
 You can see where I have moved all the rocks back.

 This old deck is coming up and a new one put down ( built ) but over a larger area.  All that now bare ground will be covered and around the corner between the house the the grape vine under the eves.
 So I am listening to hammering, banging ,skill saws etc. It is very warm so a hot job for Graeme.
In the garden new things are appearing. This little pompom dahlia  called  New baby is flowering for the first time in my yellow and orange garden. ( it has come true to the photo on the packet, another dark red one has not! )
 My biggest Hosta ,
Has had lots of babies.
 I will let them get a bit bigger then pot them up.
 All my many Hosta are looking brilliant.
 In the orchard we now begin fruit thinning which needs to be done as rapidly as possible for maximum benefit to the fruit left ( to get bigger ).
 The sewing machine went into the cupboard last week when I had visitors ( cause it normally sits on the big bench ) and doesn't look like reappearing any time soon. Never mind I am really enjoying my garden and the rewards I get from the smells and  flowers and birds and produce of course.
 I do have a few more pre Christmas tasks to attend to but it all looks manageable.

 O I forgot to mention the earth quake we had on Saturday morning...quite a prolonged shake and shudder. ( that's quite strong enough for me.)  Disappointing for R who likes natural occurrences ( earthquakes; thunder lightning etc. on a more dramatic scale. ) After a little rain, the weather is back to hot and calm - that is just what we need even if it means watering vege gardens.


Deb said...

Oh my gosh, they are so cute! You know I only live an hour from Tokoroa and I didn't even feel the earthquake!!!

Jennifer said...

That's a great new deck! Your little birdies are very cute, it must be quite a squash in that nest.

Ali Honey said...

He,he Jennifer - that's the old deck that is being pulled up...some of the timber is rotting. I will show the new deck when it is completed.

Thimbleanna said...

How fun to see a breath of spring -- it's so cold here! I'm glad to hear your earthquake wasn't any bigger -- I prefer Mother Nature on a small scale LOL!

Isabelle said...

I've never seen hosta seedlings but this may be because of the slugs. By the end of the season, the leaves on my hostas are reduced to skeletons. I imagine seedlings get eaten the moment they pop their little shoots above the surface. Sigh.

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Ali Honey said...

That last comment is weird. I have no idea what it is about and am NOT silly enough to try and find out!