Sunday, December 23, 2012

Just Like You.

                      Just Like you I have been doing pre Christmas things.
 Making some home made gifts.
 Standing in queues in the Supermarket, but it wasn't too bad.
 Arranging pretty flowers on the sideboard.
Putting bright things on the stove top.
 D in L to be V, decorated the tree for us. R went to get it with  the truck and when it had been put upright against the white wall live beasties started jumping off. We are not sure exactly what sort of pest they are -  not familiar to us so we had to resort to spraying the tree with fly spray and collecting the bodies in a specimen jar to have identified ( Charming! ).
 Also happening.....
 The new deck got completed. It has a part that goes around the corner that wasn't there before.
 We also bought some extra outdoor furniture for the other deck under the trees and 2 new green umbrellas. to match the one we already had.( we need lots of seating) ( and a fine day please )
 We have received lots of calendars. This one is lovely - A long scroll with the whole of 2013 on it. At the bottom is a picture of Pukeko. Isabelle I  think you have them and call them swamp hens or moor-hens?
 How are your preparations going ?
Mine include absolutely no sewing, but games of scrabble and other different things so that's just fine.
 There is LOTS of work needing doing with the kiwifruit right now. Some is being done by a gang who haven't yet shown up.  It will happen;  it always does but timing is quite important.

 Finally but not to be forgotten. R and I have been married 45 years today. We might have a meal out with the family next Thursday. It is always the same.... too busy a time of year to make much fuss. We were both, as was the norm back then, in our early twenties.


Françoise said...

Happy anniversary, and congratulations to both of you!
And Merry Christmas too.
(Btw, the new deck looks great.)

Deb said...

Happy Anniversary to you both. I will be glad when the silly season is over. We head to the Mt for 2 weeks on Boxing Day, so it will be lots of R and R and no sewing for that time!

Have a very Merry Christmas and may 2013 be fabulous for you and your family.

Jennifer said...

Happy anniversary! and best wishes for a wonderful Christmas, too.

Diane-crewe said...

congratulations and have a wonderful Christmas... hope you get some "quiet! time xx

Nicky said...

The new deck looks fantastic, a lovely space to spend time on Christmas Day....
Happy Anniversary to you and your R, and I hope you all have a lovely Christmas!