Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Wet Week.

We have had one and a half fine days in the last week. The garden and the kiwifruit vines have gone on a growing rampage. Yesterday at 2.30 in the afternoon a large pruning gang turned up to prune the male vines, and worked till 7.45 pm to finish the job. ( they have been without work and there fore pay all the time it is wet. ) This shows how much is cut off each male vine. The males are interspersed between the females throughout the orchard blocks. The pruners did a fine job. R has been out this afternoon as soon as it came fine again and mulched it up using the big tractor and mower.
 This new Oriental lily chose Christmas day to flower - shame it was wet, but it still looks lovely.
I finally finished making this ella bag started weeks ago.
 We are temporarily using for the tiles while the other scrabble bag has a wash - it getts whiffy.
 Actually it's a bit too wide in the neck for that too easy to see in when selecting tiles
 It is reversible.
 Something else Quilty. My young ones gave me this Block a Day Calendar for 2013 as part of my Christmas Pressy. I doubt I will have time to make a block a day - some are very simple, but it can act as a resource for ideas.
 Finally here is the view I noticed when making our bed this morning. ( I've been making quite a few beds lately, with all the visitors now gone ) I was so glad to get some washing dry.
 It's the pink rose flowers against the lime of the golden elm, I like .

 Yesterday I got a little fruit thinning done  in block one of the kiwifruit. We are going to get some help with some blocks in order to get it done in time. We need sunshine too please, so we can work.



Jennifer said...

That's a very pretty little bag! You can send some of your rain this way, if you like.

Karyn said...

Perhaps you can send some of that rain to Hawkes Bay. Hot and dry!

Isabelle said...

Hope you had a lovely Christmas. Happy New Year!