Sunday, December 16, 2012

What's For Dinner then?

What I thought was for dinner didn't happen . After harvesting the first picking of R's peas and me thinning my carrots and picking more broccoli and with R's first Agria potatoes dug it had to be all our own veges with some ham and mustard sauce. Oh the flavours were so good.( Now we need to grow our own pigs again so we can say the ham is ours too. )
 This week I have managed to cut my own finger tip with the secateurs while working in the kiwifruit.( it hurt and bled all on my clothes and tractor )  Silly ...but almost healed now as that happened on Monday, maybe I was distracted by the bird life around me....... Can you see how Percy Peacock snuggles down low in the grass while he is supervising my work.
 That was after he had his fruit bread. He loves that but Only gets it down in the orchard away from our house. ( the  new neighbours let him up on their deck...they will learn that cleaning up the calling cards becomes tedious.)( he better not on our new deck! )
 I had to apologise to Percy Peacock because he wasn't   JUST   attracted to rabbits and bright watering cans because look closely....
Here is Polly with 2 of her 3 chicks on the first day they were seen out and about.  The same neighbour was most upset because she witnessed a pukeko stealing chick # 3 and running away with is squealing  Whether the other 2 are still alive now I don't know as I haven't seen them again.
 Our quail family also have wee chicks so lots of pukeko food about! ( Leanne the gun has been out again this morning ).
The new deck will get finished on Monday . It took far longer to build than Graeme or we expected. So far we are very pleased - it looks huge. it's been very hot for him working on it.
 Now something quilty.
 Denise finished this beautiful quilt and showed it last Friday. Also in this photo is the small quilt on the table in front made by Jenny incorporating lots of old doilles. and a pair of gloves.
 We had our Christmas lunch and last club day for the year. We also had our AGM and I have now got an additional job as Secretary. I don't mind the work..... it's the meeting times that don't suit me and having to store the large carton of old documents that passes from secretary to secretary  ( I am going to look for somewhere in the club cupboard to put most of them I think ). In the end we got what looks like a good Committee but it was the usual struggle to get volunteers. I wish we had the competition to be in charge like they had on Calendar Girls! 
 I have been doing lots in the garden and some extra baking and small gift making and a little shopping, so Christmas must be not far away. How are all of you getting on with your extra tasks? 


Jennifer said...

Ouch on your finger! I didn't know pukekos were cannibalistic, the things you learn from the internet eh?

Thimbleanna said...

Well, dinner looks wonderful! I had to look up "pukeko" -- I sure get an education from your blog LOL. They're not exactly pretty are they? Love that beautiful quilt!

MandaBurms said...

I need to show Brent your blog post of Percy - he might let me have a peacock in the paddock... The kids have said I can when they leave home as they don;t want their cars wrecked from peacocks.

Since we have a gun in the house no pukekos have been sighted. I've never thankfully witnessed then taking chicks but I know they are horribly cruel. I'm sorry for your neighbour to witness it.
Love Leanne
ps your dinner harvest looks wonderful - always tastes soo much nicer straight from garden to plate.

Isabelle said...

Never heard of a pukeko but I don't like the sound of them.

Happy Christmas!

Ali Honey said...

I think I need to write and post showing photos on NZ Pukeko. Maybe a short video of their funny walk.