Saturday, April 27, 2013

Making Labels.

 I know the importance of labelling quilts but sometimes the wording  can be a bit awkward if you are not exactly sure where the quilt will end up.
 This is the label I printed for the zigzag quilt I finished.The printable fabric is very hard to hand stitch on so I now machine it to easy to sew fabric, turn that under then hand sew on. In this case I used the left over already ironed piece of the binding.
 It turned out well in the end but no thanks to the printer. I have made these labels several times before with no problem, BUT this time the printer cobbled 2 sheets of the fabric @ $ 6 each. I was pretty upset with it. I put 2 separate labels on each page but that still makes these labels worth $9 each instead of the $3 they would have been with no wastage.
 I have 2 packets of the Printable fabric sheets. The older one is from USA (Blumenthal Craft ) and is not quits A4 size long. It is what I ended up using successfully on this occasion.
 The other Australian sort Premium Printable Fabric Sheets from accraft is the sort that got gobbled. Strangely I am almost positive I have used it successfully once before. There  are  10 sheets per packet. I have 7 left. 2 gobbled and one used last time I made labels. What went wrong? - I have no idea. Unfortunately the only way to find out is by doing it again....what if it goggles more?  Yes, I will need to be brave. Anyway the quilt is all complete and looks bright and happy. ( Yes finished! )
 Today I am a bit down. At least I know why. One of our lovely quilting ladies who has been fighting her cancer for 6 years has died. Sue was a happy lovely lady in our P and Q Group and we will miss her. Her funeral is on Tuesday. She was only 65.
 These last flowers from my  Charles Austin rose are for you Sue. They smell so good.
 I have been gardening this afternoon  First I had to weed out the remains of the Summer crops and then I planted 6 cauliflowers; 6 broccoli; 6 cabbages and 6 silverbeet.
 So they don't all come ready at once I put a selection of each in the 2 big blue plastic tubs up by the garden shed and the rest down in my little extra triangular garden. I have covered them as I don't trust either the pukekos or the peacocks to leave them alone.
Usually the things in the blue tubs grow and mature much more quickly. I think the sun warms the sides of the tubs and keeps that soil at a warmer temperature, than in the garden.
 Here are some quilts from show and tell yesterday.
 This bento box patterned quilt is for a raffle.
 The colours Denise used in this batik quilt were just right - quite yummy!
 I am still waiting to hear from Taupo, about my Symposium classes. I'm getting very nervous about it all. Other ladies have now heard - some emailed and asked. Do I have to do that, in order to get anywhere? They did say they would let us know.


Deb said...

SO sad to hear of your friends passing Ali, cancer is such a horrid disease. No one is safe from its clutches are they.
Hope you hear from Taupo soon.

Jennifer said...

Sorry about your friend....that is a lovely rose for her. Perhaps you should also email the Symposium organisers? You don't want to miss out because of someone else's fault.

MargaretR said...

I'm so sorry you lost a friend Ali, but she will still be there in your memories of her.

carole brungar said...

Sorry to hear that your friend Sue lost her battle with cancer, the roses are indeed a gorgeous token of love and friendship. The Austin roses are amongst my favorites.

The quilts are lovely too.

Hugs,Carole x

MandaBurms said...

Very sorry to hear of your friend passing. ((HUGS)) I can smell the Charles Austin roses from here.

Pixie said...

I feel like you should have heard something by now. Check out the classes you wanted on line and see if they are still there. It has occurred to me that is the only way I figured out my first choice was cancelled. they didn't actually tell me, just announced the cancellations in general.
I am sad to hear cancer has claimed another good woman. Her family will be loving her quilts.

Mary said...

I hope you will always have lovely memories of your dear friend - it's very hard to lose loved ones so young, and yes, these days 65 is still young.

Your quilts are beautiful - the roses gorgeous.
Hope this will be a better week after the funeral etc.


Thimbleanna said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your friend Ali. But glad that you have your quilt group so that you can all support each other.

You're so good to work on a label. I know I need to label my quilts -- it's probably my biggest downfall!

Michele Bilyeu said...

I am so very sorry for the loss of your friend. Your caring and remembrances of her will be with you and inspire you as you do your projects. We all need these constant little reminders to make the most of our own days, don't we? But oh it is still hard and sad. Big hug!