Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Rain At Last.

Much needed rain is now falling in BOP.This is our rain gauge first thing this morning with 79 mls recorded. Add to that yesterday's 3.5 mls and a further 14 mls today and we have almost 4 inches. It is a grey, wet, blustery day in many ways.
 We awoke to the awful news from Boston and also to hear that a truck and trailer loaded with cylinders of various gases ( destined for Tauranga  hospital and Rotorua hospital ) had rolled on a corner of the state highway Northwest of where we live.
 I had to go out mid morning to the hairdressers but was able to easily get around our corner onto the main highway as almost no traffic was approaching because of the road closure. Even the hairdressers were on a slack day. My new, shorter hairdo had to be hurriedly pushed inside my rain jacket hood to get to the car. Usually Bethlehem where the hairdressing salon is, is very noisy as big trucks rumble rapidly ( too rapidly most of the time ) by on their way to the port, but not today. It was peaceful.( the road has since been reopened. )
 Hello and welcome new commenter Shirley. It's nice you find something of interest here. ( Do you not have a blog? I didn't find one.)
 Thank you for your comments, from my last posting  ladies  Thimbleanna that sounds very good news if an improvement on mammograms is in the offing for females. It is the damage of what you call the squishing part, rather than the radiation that worries me. ( especially if you bruise easily as I do )
 Newspapers and News. We have taken a big step and not renewed our subscription to the local paper ( BOP Times. ) We have been taking it ever since we have lived here for the last 35 years. They changed the format( to small except on Saturdays - that is still large ) and the publication time so that it now gets delivered by our rural delivery mailman in the morning. The content in my opinion has slipped too. The front page dramatises any bad news it can find. There is a predominance of male sport and some days I have struggled to find any part of it I want to read. R who likes it for the crossword puzzles has found an on line source. If we find we really, really miss it we can re subscribe. We have plenty else to fill the gap. On line I read Sunlive and the Google News. We get far too many free rural  papers that often all have the same content. We get the Listener.( usually good value )

 I get the New Zealand Quilter.( 4 times a year ) R gets the Shed magazine. We have lots of books to read. There is of course TV News too.
I will let you know how we go. We could always buy the odd newspaper when we are out. We were going to just get Saturday's big paper but they said we could not do that. So they have lost us altogether. We will save the annual NZ$ 332 sub.
 It is good inside weather. Yesterday I made some drawstring bags and got some cord for them when out this morning. I have some quilting to finish and some bindings to sew. I also have a really enjoyable book to read -" The Various Flavours of Coffee," by Anthony Capella. It is about one of my favourite things - coffee and also about language. It's very humorous and  set London in the late 1800s. I would really recommend it even though I have only read a quarter so far. Frequently  I can be be heard  laughing out loud! 


Chookyblue...... said...

so glad you have finally got some rain..........with the smaller falls we have received we are now desperate again for some more...........feeding will be happening very soon otherwise...........

Jennifer said...

Lucky you, with that rain.....it's trying to rain here at present but not - quite - succeeding! Mammograms are certainly painful, mine is due later this year. NZ Quilter is also the only magazine I subscribe to; I enjoy its content so much, and have made projects inspired by its ideas.

MargaretR said...

Hi Ali. I've always thought a mammography did far more harm than good myself and at my time of life we don't have to take one in the UK. I may one day be sorry for this, but my breasts ached for weeks afterwards and that cannot be right.

June said...

I cancelled our daily paper some time ago and find I get plenty of news online with Stuff and The Dompost - I could get a separate weekend paper but it's huge, mainly sport and houses for sale.

MandaBurms said...

Good the rain has arrived - we have been getting lots down here.
We don;t get the paper but read stuff each day. http://www.stuff.co.nz/

It's well worth researching mammograms.

meg said...

So good you have finally got the rain.