Saturday, April 20, 2013

More Than a little Nutty.

I knew more rain was coming and it surely did. Another 75 mls last night, so yesterday afternoon I worked for 3 hours picking all these up.
 4,600 or thereabouts. No I didn't just keep counting but did them in 100s and counted that way. I could barely stand up right by the time I finished but am almost back to normal today. Usually they fall in a much more gradual way but the dry, dry, dry then sudden rain gave them a fright and they all fell down in a hurry. They are lying there in the carport to dry out but as it is still raining that may take a while. Yes I do wear gloves or my hands would be very stained.
Walnut total so far this year  = 5011
 ( they still have to be shelled - oh my word! )
I am a bit worried that I still have not heard what if any classes I get into at Symposium in Taupo in July. Someone in our group who registered way after me by snail mail got hers back but the rest of us who did everything on line, have not heard. Have you ?
 Some garden photos taken when it was not raining.
 Pink Sparrieshoop rose
 Late flowering little Zinnias.
 Pink nerine that started flowering a good month after the red ones.( spot the bee )
 Miniature cyclamen once in a pot but have been in the shady garden many years now. They have seeded and I have several clumps.
I have spent most of the afternoon doing P & Q  Secretary's jobs ( boring ) So now maybe some sewing.


Jennifer said...

What a pretty rose! Oh my, all those they have to be shelled by hand, or is there a marvellous machine that will do it for you?

Jennifer said...

What a pretty rose! Oh my, all those they have to be shelled by hand, or is there a marvellous machine that will do it for you?

MandaBurms said...

I always laugh my head off at your walnut count - ours was 5 this year - 3 up from last year.
If wee move from here we want to go to a property with established fruit/nut trees.

Love Leanne

Molly said...

We have a walnut tree (Maybe it should more properly be called a walnut stick!)that is too young still to give us any walnuts but the Bean is hopeful! Love that beautiful rose...

Pixie said...

yes, I enrolled for classes electronically and have heard. alas my chosen class was cancelled so I am now pondering what to do. I know a walnut tree by an empty farmhouse, it is sadly neglected.

MargaretR said...

How on earth did you count all those nuts Ali? Do you have a special machine for shelling them? The rose is beautiful and looks rather like our wild dog roses.

Isabelle said...

Walnuts - I've never seen them on a tree. How deprived... though I don't think I fancy picking them, thanks.

Mary said...

Good evening Ali - I'm not sure how you found me, but I loved your comment and can see I'm going to love following your blog! Avocados and kiwi fruit - what more does a vegetarian need? Actually quite a bit more, but I love nuts too so I think you have me covered! Happy counting, wow, never seen so many wonderful walnuts!

I also love NZ - although I've only been to Auckland (Oct. 2011) before boarding the MV Orion for an expedition cruise to New Zealand's sub-Antarctic islands - and what an amazing journey that was! I hope to return to both islands some day for a more intense visit - until then I'm going to enjoy your stories from the orchards - you live in a beautiful place.

Hope you'll stop by again - I travel a lot and enjoy sharing my adventures, however I love to be at home gardening, sewing, antiquing and decorating etc.

Good luck with the clematis later in your season - they are beautiful and grow profusely here in the southeast USA.

Have a happy week -
Fondly, Mary (A Breath of Fresh Air)