Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Progress During Wet Days.

Some finishing has happened during the wet days. These 2 small drawstribg bags turned out really well.The one on the left is for my son to use in his game of Ra as the bag supplied really wasn't large enough for the job. They are very strongly made with no raw seams anywhere. I now have my own way of making these bags and the use of 2 drawstrings makes them close tightly.
 Following your advice readers I just added binding of the main fabric used in this quilt. It goes well with the pale green backing seen turned over here. The hand sewing is about half done.
  We have some weak sunshine today, welcome after all that wet. That wet added up to 311 mls over the last 8 days. Only one day in the last 8 has been fine. 311 mls is 12.5 inches. That must be all the rain we didn't get over the last 2-3 months, arriving at once. The garden naturally has taken a bath! Most flowers gave in and rotted off. The beans gave I think a final gasp and said that's it for this season. One last pick last night - they were yummy. We are eating the last few tomatoes as the vines were pulled out the weekend before last. Will miss them but have the freezer stocked with the excess. I must get some Winter garden in while the ground is still moist( broccoli. cauils etc. )
 One of my favourites ( and Pamela's ) are needing to be picked up daily. Folk either love or hate Feijoas.
Thank you for your comments. I do wear gloves when picking up or handling the walnuts. As many of you know they stain ( or dye ) quite well. They have to be picked up from under the tree Isabelle when the outer green casing splits and drops the nut. Some on the very low branches can be picked if spied when they are just splitting. ( that would be mush easier than all the bending ). But, the tree is very tall. It is fact going to have a big professional prune back just as soon as the kiwifruit beside have been picked. It is getting too close to some overhead wires.
 I mangae to count them by using a large green plastic bin that hold 500. I then pour them into sacks. So I am able to count up the total. ( don't have to keep the figure in my head - unless I want to.)
 I finished the book I recommended "The various Flavours of Coffee," by Anthony Capella.  It had some sad and horrid parts as well as the humour at the beginning  I am very pleased to discover after a little research, that it was his 3rd book and there are 6 in total published. I will certainly be seeking the others out to read.


Jennifer said...

Wow, you have been busy! We would love your extra rain.....it's really dry here, rain is badly needed.

Thimbleanna said...

I had to look up feijoa - I'd never heard of it. It looks like a very versatile fruit!

Isabelle said...

You live in a different (but interesting) world. Ra? Feijoas? Must get on to Google!