Monday, June 17, 2013

Some Sewing at Last.

A weekend of wetness, home made soup and foccacia bread, sewing and office work.
 This time I made leek and potato soup. My repertoire of soups include pumpkin; tomato ( already made and in the freezer ) minestrone; bacon bone and beans ( from a book by Joanne Harris ); just occasionally silver beet; or kumara and orange; or carrot and orange. Do you have a good soup recipe ?
  Yesterday I got to sew for almost 3 hours! ! My sewing machine is in fine form after it's medical  ( which cost $94  - gosh ) The machine doctor said he updated it's computer parts to the latest and it should go faster now. ( not a requirement for me. ) I laughed when I saw the neat little sample he had sewn and left under the needle. 8 different stitches! It does seem to be purring along.
 Since I didn't get to go to a class with Lenore on how she makes her collage type street scenes I decided I would have a go myself. Using a photo I took while walking on the Carmichael Estuary pathway, I am sewing a background. Some parts pieced but there will be an overlay of raw edged forms to give some finer detail then later lots of stitching and some people /objects on the walkway.
 The colour in this is all wrong it was dim when I took this.( it is actually almost grey like weathered wood. ) The board walk will have the individual boards sewn on it.The larger tree on the horizon is still to be added. So far I am pleased with how it is going.
 On Friday I was lucky enough to win the raffle at P and Q. I am however a bit dubious about the quality of the fabric in this pack.
 It is the 2nd such pack I now have, the other being a gift. The brand is Fabric Palette
 ( fabric editions Inc. Greenville SC ) but made in China. Have any of you  worked with this fabric which seems quite open weave and thin?( except for the silver piece which is rigid with silver. )

 I also noticed that one person had paid $ 20 for the pack another had paid $27.99 for the same thing!
 I will not be using this with any other better quality fabric.
 The rain got the Copper beech tree dropping rapidly. Already this morning I have done my first stint of collecting leaves. I know they are a useful resource and that motivates me to keep at it.
 The easiest ones ( less bending ) are on the top of the hedge and in the birdbath. Some congregate in corners and can be picked up in good sized handfuls. The worst to get out are stuck in the top of plants in pots like that one beside the red seat. I have decided to break the job up into small bursts of 15 minutes to save my back. Maybe I will mow up the ones on the lawn cause being wet they will pick up more easily and not woosh away in front of it.
 Have a good week everyone.


Diane-crewe said...

maybe the fabric could be used in a wall hanging that is not going to be washed x seems a shame not to use it as it is lovely and sparkly x.. take it slow and easy in the garden xx

Thimbleanna said...

Oooh, looks like you're having fun with a new quilt design. I've never heard of the fabrics that you won. Good luck with the leaves -- picking them up with the lawn mower is my favorite way to get rid of them! ;-D