Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Chop, Chop.

Yesterday it was out of bed early as the Tree Fellers ( not 3 fellars ) were coming early to deal with the walnut tree. We had been asked to get it back from the overhead (  to one side actually ) lines.  Powerco, said it could wait till the kiwifruit below was picked and the walnut crop for this year harvested. And they are.
 The 2 guys who are the tree fellers, arrived at 10 to 9 ( early ? - no ) in their flash truck designed for getting up tall trees. Unfortunately with all the rain, we had the day before  it was too wet for them to take across the paddock to the tree, so it had a pleasant 2 hours parked on the loading area.
 This is the walnut tree seen here behind kiwifruit vines in block 1.( it is at the top of a small bank. )
 Today we feature the colour ORANGE!  Can you spot the man in the tree?

 If you click on the photo you can just see in the top left hand corner of the sky, the lines that must be avoided ( and protected )

 From where I was working in the office this is what I could see. R talking with 2 blokes did not need my in put so I just popped out to take photos.
 Knowing what a treasured walnut tree we have I was very pleased that the man up the tree ( all 3 had agreed ) took only as much as was needed out of one side of the tree.
 There he is all roped up. He had his chainsaw on a rope and roped himself to the tree.
 His size shows what a large tree it has become. That's all he cut so plenty of tree left! There will still be nuts next year.
 R dragged the limbs away with the tractor and nothing got damaged in the whole procedure. very good those men! ( I gave them a small bag of shelled walnuts to take home. )
Yes, Thimble Anna mowing up the leaves is the best way. It stayed clean for more than 24 hours.. I sat on my weeding cushion under the tree and turned picking up by hand into an stretching exercise.


Jennifer said...

Wow, that certainly is a huge wonder you have been getting so many walnuts!

Diane-crewe said...

shame it had to be cut .. but then most of it is left.. I suppose it was a good opportunity to check that it was safe and healthy at the same time xx good pictures by the way xx

MargaretR said...

Hi Ali, I'm so glad you had such sensible men to cut into the walnut tree. They seem to have been careful not to cut too much and spoil it for you.