Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Very Kind Comments.

Thank you all for the lovely Birthday Wishes. I enjoyed receiving your comments and will endeavour to have a good year.

  This is supposed to be my less busy time of year but so far not so. The car was returned with no problem found and it's brakes fixed. The nice garage man said we did this job last time and it should have lasted longer I am taking $ 20 off the bill. That was nice - we are long standing customers who always pay promptly, so he is looking after his customers.
 My Bernina ( sewing machine)  is off having a WOF too. Hope they take good care of it. 
( It's never been away from home without its owner before ! )
 The lovely polyanthus  above, was a recent purchase. Those were the only colours available at the moment but are rather delicate and look well together. Here they are sitting on the outside table before being planted They always look better grouped so closely but tend to get a bit lost in the garden especially at the moment with leaves cascading from the trees everywhere. I will endeavoured to plant them in groups and keep them from getting smoothered. They love a good helping of blood and bone. 
 Also to plant are these lovely bulbs my young ones sent me. And look some lovely NZ batik fabric. I especially like the green fern one. Lucky me! 
 I have been getting further supplies ( needs ) for my Symposium classes - almost got all of them now. Also have some preparation homework to do with the Kim Mclean pattern. Must get onto that as it is only about a month away now.

 My next felt ball is progressing. I am currently sewing chain stitch around each pentagon seam. (Can only do hand sewing at the moment anyway.) I need to start thinking about motifs for it.

 Every fine day I have been out walking ( zigzagging actually ) the kiwifruit rows picking the fruit the pickers missed. I have run out of big containers. I will take a couple of these bins  to P and Q on Friday for the ladies to have.
 Some answers.  
*Isabelle it is rude to talk with our mouths full so playing scrabble while we eat makes more sense. I only do the crossword if someone else here, ( R ), needs help!
*Leanne I think you should google images of Milla Biflora and also Onionweed to see if your bulb might be that.

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carole brungar said...

Hi Ali, I planted poly's today. Blue with a red eye. Just 3 punnets, they should add a wee bit of colour to a corner. I like them planted in groups too.
I took my Bernina into for a WOF in Feb. So it was away while we were shifting house. Love looking at all the kiwifruit!