Monday, June 24, 2013

Design wall.

Yesterday I had time to pin this to the wall and work on adding flax bushes, trees and shrubs. I'm quite pleased with how my pine tree worked out. It is built up of many small trees. I think I have a thing about perspective and disappearing roads or tracks or railway lines. On the wall in the lounge is a painting I did many years ago of the railway line disappearing into the distance.
 The photo of the walkway does not show anyone walking on it. I think it will need some life to make it interesting, so this is still the backdrop to that.

 Today is a beautiful clear day with just a hint of frost in places, first thing. Today is the big tree felling day. 4 large gum trees ( sorry Australian friends ) are being dropped by 2 guys called Pete. ( not the 3 fellars ) I have been out with the camera but will show you all of that tomorrow.
 Here are some Winter garden bright spots I found.
 Nandina berries.
 Little Ifafa lilies that survived last years ranch slider removals.
 Some of the new Polys. From today onwards they will be getting way more sunlight. ( once the big gums are gone. )
 Right back to check on these blokes. I have found out how you get a bloke to clean up well after himself.  Put him on a big digger with a bucket on it and he can restore and smooth out anything!


Deb H said...

Sending the sun back your way Ali! Your design is great!

Jennifer said...

Ali, I have no problem with your getting rid of the gum trees......they aren't native to NZ, after all! Very pretty flowers too.

Isabelle said...

Lovely quilt!

It's hard to imagine winter at the moment - our garden is so full of flowers. You just keep it for a while, ok?