Thursday, September 12, 2013

Apron Day.

I didn't realise when I got up today it was going to be apron making day. It is wet. The Chorus men who work on the telephone lines have dug a hole down the road from us and consequently we have had no phone or internet access all day, till 4 pm. So many things I might have done at the computer didn't happen. Instead I finished this apron and am almost done with the next one.
 This pattern is called the fat quarter apron but that is not strictly true.
 The fat quarter is not the largest piece of fabric required. A piece 25 inches square is needed for the back. in this case it is the mauve fabric which makes up the back and is folded outwards at the top and sewn down with a button. 3 fabrics were used here. 4 are used in the original pattern but I varied it to suit what I had.
3 or 4 years ago at our exhibition we had only aprons on our Sales table - they sold out on the 2nd day.
 This time we are having 2 sales tables,  a kitchen themed one for funds for running the show and another general one where members may sell their own articles or quilts.
 Tomorrow at club some ladies are making 2 different types of casserole carriers.
 I will have 3 aprons and the set of coaster and what ever else I get finished between now and next Thursday - hanging day.
 Further South in NZ things are pretty stormy. So far we have just had the rain and not the horrendous winds.
 I hope you are all okay down there!


Jennifer said...

We heard on the news last night about the storms, hope you are OK!

Diane-crewe said...

keep safe .. and keep sewing xx

Isabelle said...

How lovely your apron, camellia and hanging all are!

We've had a lovely summer and September but it's raining a bit today. Not cold or windy, though. Don't get blown away!