Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Exhibition Photos - Wall hangings.

 The hanging on the left was closely quilted over raw edge appliqué. The pattern was purchased in Taupo.
 On the right D made this hanging called Sudoku when she managed to get her first puzzle out.
 At the bottom these tiles were made at Taupo Symposium in a class with Michelle Hill.
 J made this lovely hanging from doilies and cloves from op shops.
 L made this attractive picture ( sorry about the reflection ) at a class at Symposium in Taupo. It is made with organza and cut away using a heat iron. A steady hand needed and the ability to know when to stop.
 The lilies were bright and appealing.

 You know who made this Patterned Landscape.
 Finally a very appealing small quilt made by P.
 The colours were fabulous( especially the pink ) and the curve was repeated in the quilting.


Kelly Warriner-Simpson said...

Great pics. And the two I personally think look nicest from your photos are the last two!

Jennifer said...

What interesting quilts......yours has turned out so well, it's beautiful!

Janice said...

I've just been catching up on reading your blog since our trip. The exhibition must have been wonderful. All the hard work really paid off. Very talented ladies in your area, including you.