Monday, September 02, 2013

Garden & Gallery.

In the garden some of these now are yellow or orange.
 I love fragile Iceland poppies. Several flower beds in Tauranga city have them by the 100s.. I only have a small clump.
 This morning I picked 2 cauliflower and almost the last of the capsicum as well as side shoots from the broccoli plants I left in the garden.My celery is progressing nicely for a crop I have never grown before.
 We have had the 2 young ones down from the big smoke for 3 nights. Yesterday they took us out to lunch( Father's day ) which was very pleasant. Afterwards R and I went into the art gallery in the city to  see 3 exhibitions that were on.
 This is a long view of part of Corrugations by sculptor Jeff Thompson.
 All made from corrugated iron ( roofing iron )

 There was also an exhibition called Painted Mauao - painted images of Mount Maunganui since the 19th century.
 The most modern by Arthur Dagley of the new harbour bridge.( across to the Mt. in the left hand corner) 
On the piles of the bridge were names of people involved in it's building.


Jennifer said...

Love that bouquet, it's very interesting.....and to think it's made from metal! It would never need watering, and certainly wouldn't wilt in a vase.

Nicky said...

That's a great exhibition, I love those chooks, and the bouquet is amazing.

Cottage Tails said...

Celery I can not grow - I've tried many years but finally given up - so I'm going to watch your success with celery closely and learn some tips.
Love Leanne