Monday, September 16, 2013

Exhibition this Week.

This week most of our P and Q Group members will be making final preparations for our Exhibition. ...which will be hung ( set up ) this Thursday. ( filling out forms, tying on price tags, baking...last minute sewing.
 Yesterday I finished this apron which is slightly different being totally reversible.
 Pear fabric one side; blue berries ( that look like raspberries or boysenberries ) on the other.
 I also finished this apron on Friday.
 In order for these aprons to be easily laundered I top stitch very close to the edge all the way round, as the final finishing touch.
 Once the apron is turned right side out ( bagged out )through the gap left for this purpose I use a large pin ( seen here with a yellow ball head ) which I insert into the row of stitching then draw it up flat against the stitching. It pulls both layers of fabric back from the seam. I then firmly pinch the fabrics with my left hand and insert an ordinary  metal pin parallel to the seam to hold it with maximum spread. Once I have been right around I iron the seam right over the top of the pins ( so use metal only ) . Be careful as they stay hot for 30 seconds...
 We would love to see you visit out quilt show if you live anywhere close by.
 Americas Cup 7 -  0 to NZ ...can we win?


Jennifer said...

Good luck with your show, I hope it goes well for you!

Thimbleanna said...

I want to come to your show! Too bad I live so darn far away. Looks like the preparations are fun -- those aprons are so cute!