Thursday, December 19, 2013

A Favourite.

Lemon honey has always been a favourite of mine. I don't make it often these days but will want it as an option if I make a pavlova for a Christmas dessert. It's sharpness cuts through the sweet. ( it can be mixed with or served with whipped cream for a gentler approach.)

   It's calendar receiving time . How lovely to get one with reminders of places we visited 2 years ago.

We drove through Cheddar Gorge so got a different angle on this view.
 The calendars we mostly receive are from firms we use like the kiwifruit pack house, so the usual things on them look like this.
 I have already had to write in appointments for January, on the one that will hang on the wall near the back door....which get seen frequently by both of us.

 Although they have been coming for months and months painters arrived yesterday to paint parts of the house ( mainly barge boards ) and the I am living in a fish bowl with that feeling someone is watching you. I can put up with that so long as they are very careful where they put their ladders and scaffolding and don't trample too many plants in the garden or spill the paint. Best for me not to watch actually.

The Nerd is due here at 9 am . Already the new computer has a's BIOS is the start button is also sticking I think it may be shorting out some how...any way it makes start up a long and annoying fix it please. It happened the same day we paid the bill!

Last Friday was our final day for P and Q for the year with a shared lunch and some show and tell. D finished this charity quilt made from Bandanas, cut into strips.
 Another member had finished this huge quilt. Hard to get it all in a photo. Wow...what a lot of work
We also got some members to fill the gaps on the Committee!
 I got a copy of the Australian Homespun magazine with my bandana quilt in it! The NZ Quilter mag  also arrived and is still only glanced will keep till I can put my feet up. But no sewing has happened just too too will keep.
My first sowing of grass seed I showed a couple of posts back failed to come up so I have resown it with new seeds and am trying to water it several times a day in the hot sun it dries out quickly ( better planted in Autumn I know ).
 Things on the to do list are moving...some off it others onto it...the Christmas mail has all gone b so that was a relief I didn't think it was going to happen...some will get it by email.
Something that made me pleased recently was the naming of the New Zealander of the year. It was jointly won by 3 deserving young women. Lydia Ko the golfer; Eleanor Caton the Booker Prize winner and Lorde the singer. All very good role models for other young folk. Go girls!


Jennifer said...

Congratulations on being published! I love lemon butter/curd/honey/whatever you call it - it's so nice in little tart shells.

Thimbleanna said...

It looks like you're busy and having a grand time. I would love that Somerset calendar -- I love calendars that bring back happy memories. Good Luck with the grass!

Laurie said...

How lovely to see Cheddar almost home for me ... Drove past the end of the road over the holiday but guessed you would still be busy after all your celebrations catch up sometime in New Year.
Wishing you both Happy New Year.