Monday, December 09, 2013

Great Progress.

Great progress; giant strides even have been made with most of the new 8.1 computer operating system. The Nerd rang me this morning to ask how we were managing which was kind. He said he forgot to reinstall the printer which I have since done but not totally successfully.( it's working )( it's now too old for the operating system - haha! )
 Things I am glad about - it's quite a bit faster! It proved I am able to adapt and learn, then help someone else around here who has more trouble than me.
 Sorry Microsoft I now know those little ghosts I was talking about are" Charms," ( how lovely ) and thanks Helen I now have 3 ways of escaping or returning to my desktop.  I am laughing at the Apps I got free. Skateboarding; comics; metro twit etc. haven't yet tried Stumble Upon.
 I am working on resolving my photo editing dislikes ( thanks for your advice commentors ). I have yet to try and do 2 months worth of accounting on Banklink ( later this morning )  - that one is crucial.
 My trouble is I have an enquiring mind and always want to know why and how.                        
Yesterday afternoon I gave myself 2 hours sewing time! I haven't done any patchwork for about 3 weeks and was really missing it. So some straight forward piecing with lots of Maths involved. 
 I didn't have instructions on how to make stacks so just set about making each strip of 5 parts 24 " cut ( that equals 22 " sewn with  4seams ). I'm not sure if I want them as wobbly stacks or turned the other way round just as stripes. Anyway it was an experiment and can be turned into a small incubator quilt when it's finished. Last Tuesday night my previous little quilt was handed in along with 5 others to go to the hospital. ( one of our members works there.)
 Last week we had  over 6 " of rain. It was needed and should set us up for a while. I can imagine the weed growth that will come with it.The kiwifruit is crying out for work and the fruit is sizing rapidly.
 My lilies got so heavy they drooped to the ground ( now tied up ).
Have you ever looked closely at potato flowers. We have Agria with white flowers and next to them Heather with purple flowers.

 They have quite a distinctive smell.
 Something that really disappointed me ( and I emailed  Fiesta Bulbs and complained and got a reply, but no sorry )
I planted a new dahlia in the middle of my pink mauve and blue garden. It was a decorative type and pale pink and white, called Peaches.
 BUT when it flowered last week it is a very large yellow and red cactus type and looks really out of place where it is.
 Finally for  today look at this very simple meal we had where we grew everything but the lamb chops.
 New seasons agria potatoes, scarlet runner beans and greenfeast peas with very last pumpkin from last Autumn.
 Those of you who grow your own food will know just how good this felt and how good it tasted..
 Right back to work. 


Jennifer said...

Well done on the new system! That's a fun way to use up scraps, must keep it in mind......different to the jelly roll race quilts.

Thimbleanna said...

Yay -- the system is back up and running! Your dinner looks delicious -- I love that you grew all your own food!