Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Trying So Hard.

Interesting night sky .( the Land of the Long orange Cloud )
Since we had our operating system up grade on Monday I have had" brain fade, " several times.
 Windows 8.1 behaves very differently in may ways. One aspect  I struggle with is how to escape from full screen windows. Searching for the little Microsoft icon seems to be quite random.( either bottom left corner or as a ghost down the right hand side. )

 This morning I installed the zoom browser from the CD that came with my Canon camera. I have managed to get some photos onto the computer, but, from then on it behaves very differently ( I am not happy with how it works/ classifies photos ).I was so used to working with the HP programme that was so fast and I was completely used to it  after dealing with possibly thousands of photos.
 Could any of you tell me what photo programmes you use to edit photos and particularly to reduce their size for up loading here.
 Any one else using 8.1 I'd love to hear from you how you are getting on with it.
 My P and Q friend's funeral is in Auckland today. 4 of our ladies are going up. We had  a remembrance for her at our AGM last night.
 Which brings me to another moan. Last night about 26 members out of 70+ came to the AGM. We got 7 ladies who will serve on the Committee.  From the 2013 Committee the President is retiring as am I as Secretary and Librarian.the Treasurer has just gone to live overseas.   I have got people to take over my jobs but no one would be President or Treasurer. We have one more Friday meeting this year where we are going to lay it on the line to members that someone has to be in charge or we will fold. Do other groups / Guilds have this problem? 


Mystic Quilter said...

Ali I have a Mac and I use Photoshop Elements for editing and reducing size of photographs before loading. I love it there is so much you can play around with

Helen said...

I use the Windows key on the keyboard.(left of the space bar) It takes me back to the desktop. I have Photoshop and use that to edit my photos.

Getting people to be on committees is a perennial problem. Sorry, I wish I had a solution.

Jennifer said...

I don't know the solution to the committee problem either, only that it seems to be perennial. It even happened some years ago at the state guild here, and only for the fact that one member who had already been president stepped in for a year while a new person was 'trained' kept it from folding.

Diane-crewe said...

new technology is such a pain .. I wonder sometimes WHO it is actually designed for!!
The problems with the committee seem to be world wide .. is the number who attended the AGM normal? if so maybe the group is folding in on itself any way .. its very sad x dont know the answer seems folks want to join but not step up and make it run xx

notHamilton said...

Try Paint.NET - its free!

I have been on Windows 8 for a few months - trust me the upgrade to 8.1 is a ton easier to use! Make sure you watch an intro video - try this one under 'Getting around with a mouse':

You'll be ahead of the curve by the time everyone else gets to using it - you'll think oh its obvious to me now...

GB said...

I'm a Mac user and use Photoshop. However it probably is far more complicated (and far more expensive) than you require. I think that Picasa (which is free) would do everything you probably want. It is also a good programme for cataloguing your photos.

Ali Honey said...

Thank you all for your advice .I'm looking into photoshop elements or even photo shop proper.
Great to hear from you Pam and welcome GB.