Wednesday, January 22, 2014

On a Dull Damp Day.

Two dull damp days have meant I have had a little time to myself. We both worked like idiots over the weekend of lovely weather knowing some rain was on it's way. Only 30 mls as it turned out but we are grateful for it all the same. Yesterday I went into the city to the movies. I parked on the very top of the parking building and this is the view across the roof tops and part of Tauranga harbour. Not the usual bright blue sky I usually have in my photos. 
  I was there early so had time to wander. Very few people about. Even less in the shops. Is Tauranga CBD dying? The same thought occurred to me the last time I was there. The movie theatre was busy. The caf├ęs were busy. It is only my opinion but I think there are better shops at Bethlehem Town Centre and Gate Pa shopping centre and probably Bayfair though I don't go there often. Maybe I am too old now to be an enthusiastic shopper? Maybe there are too many empty shops? 
   I went to see the movie The Book Thief.The theatre was packed( wet day ). I thought the movie made a fair job of portraying a book I totally rated as a good read. The reviews I have read of the movie were much harsher.Two and a half or three out of five. I will give it four out of five. I think the characters  were well played especially Liesel . I could overlook that the reality and brutality  of life then in Germany were not harsh enough. Yes being in river water in the middle of a German Winter should have caused hypothermia; the bodies after the bomb blast should have been more mangled and Liesel should have aged more.  There was a deathly hush over the audience as the movie ended so that told me it had an impact.
 I would recommend going to see it. Also if you haven't seen Judy Dench in Philomena that is worth seeing too. There again I think she was portrayed as too old for the part she was playing. She was only mid sixties.
 Has anyone else got any movie or book recommendations?


loulee said...

I read that book after you mentioned it on your blog. A wonderful story, I'd love to see the movie.

Jennifer said...

'Philomena' is on my to-see list......these days not many movies appeal to me, not like the "good old days" of musicals!

MargaretR said...

Glad you had a little break to go to a movie Ali. my first visit to you blog for quite a while :)i see you are still as busy as ever!

Thimbleanna said...

I loved Philomena. The age thing didn't really bother me -- I guess I didn't know Philomena's real age going in, so it all seemed as it should have been to me. Such a sad story though.

Bubble said...

Hi Ali, I don't remember the multi story car park. Great view. Chris and i use to go to the cinema in Tauranga alot. Happy Days! I haven't seen that film.We took the girls to watch Frozen last Saturday for Betsy's birthday. For an animated film it was fab and the music was awesome. Love to you all.