Thursday, January 16, 2014

Squirrel Nutkin.

I've been picking up macadamia nuts, and as I have had little time to dehusk them I wheeled the trolley with them drying on, into the lounge last evening and did it as I watched TV. It makes my thumbs very sore after a while, but I got more than half done. These still have to spend days in the sun drying out before shelling. ( it's the green outer casing I am taking off )( no part of getting macs to the eating stage is easy! )
 This is how the kiwifruit crop is looking for 2014. This is the overhead canopy.

 This is how the ground underneath is looking where I drop the rejects I am thinning each afternoon. I try to spend at least 4 hours doing this job each afternoon.( there is a lot to get through. )

 The garden was looking a little faded in parts( to my eye anyway ) and there were a few bare spaces as plants flowered and died off.  Yesterday I went to the garden centre for some new spots of colour and some more vege punnets.
 I found this little plant that I was didn't recognise -Angelonia . It came home with me as well as some aster plants and 2 new gerbras. This morning I began planting before breakfast and have much of it in the ground. I was horrified to see how dry some areas had become so the hose is rectifying that.
 Last post I showed photos of a new lily. Here is another flowering for the first time. An oriental called Pico.( perfumed! )

 Of course I have been cooking too. We all have to eat. One of my favourite things is fritta. R's tomato crop is abundant so tomatoes on everything. Aren't the colours yummy together.

 With the eggs and some grated cheese added. now under the grill.
 No sewing this week, but I have read the first 300 ( of over 800 )  pages of" The Luminaries."
 I said I would let you know how I found it. So far I like her use of words and her descriptions. The story line is not as exciting as I had hoped for - maybe I know too much NZ history, so the gold fields are not new material for me. I will continue but at this stage it is not in my top 10 best books ever read. I will reassess this when I have finished the whole book.
 At the weekend we went to another Birthday party. A 70th this time. Had a lovely time talking to many old friends, eating yummy food and generally relaxing.


Jennifer said...

Your tomatoes do look good, but I don't eat them. One of my earliest memories is aged 4 or 5 with my mother trying to force-feed me tomatoes - never liked them then, still don't now. Love those flowers though!

Diane-crewe said...

beautiful colours inside and out x

Thimbleanna said...

Wow -- look at all those kiwis on the ground. Can you salvage any of them just for your personal use? Or do you get sick of kiwis LOL? You always keep so busy, it's fun to read your blog!

Ali Honey said...

Thimbleanna - no not at this stage they are not ripe/ pickable till early May, so would be inedible. They just go around again - ( become nutrients in the soil)

shirley flavell said...

A happy read Ali. Your fritta looks really tasty and colourful and I'm guessing all produce from your garden.Shirley

Mary said...

I was really interested in how you grow the kiwifruits - wow! As for the macadamias, your poor fingers must get so sore with such a thick shell to pry off - is there no machine that can do that part?

I'm longing for some good tasting Summer tomatoes - from the garden! We've missed growing any the past couple of years as we were traveling so much - perhaps this year we'll have more time for a few plants at least. Now the ground has had a rest we may get some tasty ones!

Happy weekend dear - Mary