Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Normal Routine.

It's a beautiful day in BOP today. Sunny bright and still. After a long  holiday  weekend and a full house today I am back to my normal routine. The morning spent doing housework, office work, garden tasks - picking veges etc.  shopping, meal preparation etc. I always try and have a long coffee break when I come to the computer to catch up on email and blogs. After lunch  I will spend 4+ hours in the kiwifruit ( thinning fruit at the moment ). That is my normal week day routine.
 Late yesterday afternoon when the house was once again quiet with just the 2 of us I finished reading The Luminaries and did a little hand sewing.
 This is how I carry my hand appliqué around. This is all I require. 

I find working on a raised up cushion suits me if I am sitting on the couch with my feet up and the cushion on my lap. My see through zipped container is the best most convenient carry all I have tried so far.( better than anything I have made myself!
 I said I would report back when I finished reading Eleanor Catton's Booker prize winning book - The Luminaries. Well I have completed it and was very disappointed with the ending. ( talking with my sister on the phone yesterday she said exactly the same - don't expect a big reveal at the end.) Yes, it was well crafted. Yes, it had perfect English and great vocab. No I did not find it exciting. No I did not understand the significance of the astrological diagrams at chapter beginnings. It would have benefited from a map of Hokatika as it was in 1866. I will recommend that R reads it to see what he thinks. I will then lend it to other friends. It is not going on my Top 10 list! ( sorry Eleanor )

 This morning I was really annoyed to see a rabbit had been back chewing my carrots.
( for a second time ) They are now without tops.
 I pulled 2 and they are only this big and unlikely to grow more without tops.
 Some other crops are doing very well. The sweetcorn - yum! The tomatoes ( over abundance .) My 1st black capsicum is nearly ready
The grapes ( which won't be ready for another month are looking so good.
Some really large bunches.


Deb said...

I have just started reading it...it's very verbose!!

Just came back from 10 days at the Mt...glorious weather for the most part so I bet its another fab day there. Haven't been over for about a year so shocked to find Arthur Toye and the the quilt shop down the arcade gone.

Jennifer said...

Cheeky little buggers, those rabbits! Were yours brought over in the mid-19th century? Ours were......because some idiot was homesick for Dear Old England. Consequently we have foxes (for the hunters, originally), rabbits and other pests.

Ali Honey said...

Yes Deb, Central Tauranga has had quite a clean out. I think that is why I found it wanting last week - 2 of my usual shops to look in gone!

Wombat yes, NZ got all those pests for the same reason along with the European settlers....along with alcohol, tobacco, religion and other things that have since become a real problem.( gorse is something that grew too well here )