Tuesday, January 07, 2014

A Little Incubator Quilt.

At the weekend I took the time to sandwich this wee quilt I am making. My 2nd incubator quilt ( quite small )that will get donated to the maternity annex. It was an experiment to see how the wobbly stacks pattern might work. To me it looks like 2 stacks of books. I still have a label to make and 2 sides of the binding to finish hand sewing down, but I guess it is the first finish for this year ( although started last year. )
 The backing has cat fabric.
 The future owner may well prefer that side.
Take a look at this new lily that is flowering for the first time. It is so tall. An oriental called Gluhwein.( has a mild pleasant perfume ) ( J & V you gave it to me )

 This is the first of 2 heads of flower . It is not staked so if a wind gets up I may need to pick it, as it is now top heavy.
 I am back spending afternoons (  4 +  hours ) thinning reject kiwifruit off. There is a lot to do.
 At the moment  Iam waiting for an auditor to turn up. Our annual audit before we may pick our small ( this season ) crop of avocados. That wasted all morning yesterday for both of us getting all the relevant documents ready.


Jennifer said...

It's a cheerful fun little quilt, and a good size to try out a new idea......if it doesn't work, or you don't like the result, it doesn't really matter too much. That'a a very pretty lily, does it have a strong sweet smell?

Thimbleanna said...

What a fun little quilt Ali! I love the colors. And your gorgeous flower -- I used to have some pretty pink lillies that looked very similar but the animals just wouldn't leave them alone and after a few years the poor things just gave up.

Gillie said...

I thought of boxes with the wrong size lids on! Love it though. Gluhwein seems too strong a name for that beautiful flower, vague memories of a Danish flat mate in London, who introduced us to its delights, oh, no maybe it was glogg... ,no matter the name is not quite right! Avocados, wow! Something we'll never pick here in the Midwest, lol!

Ali Honey said...

Hello Gillie,
You are right....they do look like boxes with the wrong lids on!

Ali Honey said...

I didn't know exactly what gluhwein was so I googled it ( of course ). I think the lily was named that because it smelled like some of the ingredients of Gluhwein - cloves; orange; cinnamon and red wine !

Isabelle said...

Very pretty!