Sunday, February 23, 2014

Looking Peachy.

 Not the prettiest fruit I've seen but very tasty all the same. Every year about this time a few flatto peaches make their way into our shops. They are the nicest peaches I know of and are grown at the bottom of the South Island ( of NZ ) and in other parts of the world.
 Packaged carefully 5 in a row in a little cardboard tray they cost NZ$3.99 for 5. Unfortunately 2 in one pack were bad so that was disappointing.( I have never found that other years - they came from the same growers - but I will be inspecting any future purchases of them very very carefully ) The others are being rapidly consumed as a real treat - something we don't grow ourselves. If you get the chance to try one - do.
Something for nothing.   
Recently I repotted these wee plants into a large terracotta pot. Look what came up from the potting mix I used as a top up. Bright yellow fungi.
 First there was one followed by clusters more. I had to hand pull them out which wasn't very pleasant. I googled them and apparently they aren't harmful to humans or the plants but they were making a take over  bid. ( I guess this time of year is mushroom time .)
 I have just finished reading, "The Tilted World," by Tom Franklin and Beth Ann Fennelly. A light quick read . A novel about  an imaginary place called Hobnob situated beside the Mississippi River, which flooded in 1927.  I didn't know of this flood but did know that it flooded again with equally devastating results in 1993.
I have checked the facts and looked at google images and think it is pretty close to what must really have happened. I scored it 3.5 out of 5 and have to say I enjoyed it. I found out lots about levees and bootlegging and country life in 1927 America.

 A Moral Dilemma.
I mentioned in a previous post what was going on with supermarkets in Australia. (Some Australian supermarkets - Coles and Woolworths, were taking NZ products off their range, thereby taking away choice  ) I have been researching and reading. All the Country newspapers have had articles about it. It has had TV coverage. 
   Then a second incident came to light when Shane Jones, a NZ politician, raised the question in Parliament ( under privilege ) - was the same supermarket chain holding NZ producers to ransom and asking for back payments for lost sales? ( it is now going to be investigated officially but results may take till the end of the year )  With only 2 supermarket chains in our country between the 2 of them suppliers get a very poor deal often making no profit at all on fresh produce - fruit and veges.

What is the best course of action as a shopper?
1. Grow as much as you can yourself. 
2.Trade or swap with friends and neighbours.
 3. Buy from the local butcher.
4.  Buy from independent fruit and vege shops.
5. Buy from road side stalls and farmers markets.
6. Buy from independent shops.
7. Buy on line??????

 I am still working my way through all that. Reading labels on everything to see where it comes from or is packed.
 I really have to prove I am serious now as yesterday in the mail I received a $15 voucher from Countdown supermarket. I will have to bin it or give it away.  


Jennifer said...

Our shops are required to label the country of origin of fresh produce - if they don't, I won't buy it. I get nearly all my fresh fruit and vegies from a local fruit retailer; even though they aren't always locally grown because of the climate his stock is always fresh. What interesting fungi! We've had mushies popping up in the last few days where they haven't grown since we have been living here.

Diane-crewe said...

those fungi look suspect to me!! lol x hope your plants are ok ... maybe they would make good compost xll supermarkets here have to state country of origin .. and some even name the farm they were grown on .. makes life interesting at times x

shirley flavell said...

I too have started my reaction to the news you have just related Ali. The other day couldn't get bagged flour that I used to always get, the shelves were stocked to the gunners with the 'Homebrand' flour. Have tried that product, inferior for my baking, won't use it. Made some strong comments to a staff member stating I'm now changing my shopping habits and shopping elsewhere. I noticed some months ago that we couldn't get products of the brand I wanted and made comments.I also hope N.Zer's react to these bullying tactics.Seeing all these different funghi's make me nervous.Shirley

Mary said...

Sorry to hear of the supermarket 'wars' over there. The list you shared for best course of action makes great sense no matter where one lives. Personally I try to shop farm stands and outdoor markets spring through autumn, not possible in winter though.

Did I read that right, there are only two supermarket chains in NZ? Wow, that's amazing.

Hoping things improve - meanwhile perhaps it will give independent shops a boost in sales!

Happy week dear Ali.

P.S. Don't think I'd add the yellow thingys to my mushroom soup, LOL!

Ali Honey said...

Hi Shirley. Thanks for your comment. Glad to hear I am not the only one.
I think unless you speak to the manger the staff have NO say in what happens.

Yes, Mary you read correctly. Just 2 supermarket chains in NZ.