Sunday, February 02, 2014

Visitors .

My sister R and her partner came up to stay with R's 2 lovely Grand daughters aged 9 and 11.5. The BOP weather really turned it on, so walking around the Mt., searching in rock pools and playing Kubb on the lawn all proved suitable activities.
We found exciting creatures in the rock pools at the end of the beach.
 Star fish and bigger star fish.
 Oyster catchers ( Torea ) on the rocks. 
 There were lots of mussels for them to eat.
D said he would take us all for a meal. Where to go? ( the 9 year old offered that she liked Butter chicken when we suggested an Indian Restaurant. ) D had never been to one - but the girls had and we had several times. ( D reckoned  it upset his stomach the next day !  He is a very traditional eater. ) Here is the starter platter some shared.
 I knew from experience not to have a starter but instead had this platter for my main.
 It was very tasty and I almost ate it all, not quite.
 All the photos of playing Kubb have family in them so perhaps I will write a seperate post about playing Kubb as I have mentioned it here before.( R made all the pieces )  For young and old it is proving to be fun, gentle exercise and great leveller.
 Today is catch up day - I am glad of my washing machine and another brilliant fine day.

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