Tuesday, March 04, 2014


Yesterday, while R was having his head read I walked to this very tall landmark tree and back. ( he was having an MRI scan ) Having you head read is not a term much used now but my parents used to use it when someone had done something not sensible -( they need their heads read.)

 Also large - the first watermelon cut. Half has travelled back to Auckland with the young ones, so we should be able to manage our half.
This week I have no car as it is back at the garage . Hopefully this time they manage to diagnose it's problem. The mechanics are going to use it all week in the hope it misbehaves while they are driving.

Autumn is in the air - last night was very cool but it is only a cold front passing over the country and warm days will return for a while yet. The many red nerines are looking bright and the viburnum outside our bedroom window  has totally turned red.
 This week is also the week of visitors. One unexpectedly yesterday and 2 today for lunch. (One is on a no  gluten diet, so care is needed . The other lives in France so that could be interesting. )
 So right now I should be in the kitchen.
 Note* a little sewing on Flower # 6 has taken place. - every little counts.

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Jennifer said...

We're eagerly awaiting autumn here......I've had enough of summer! At least it has cooled down, although temps are still hitting 30 deg.