Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Not For the Squeamish !

 That's the thief. 
 Caught by the lure of an apple inside our Timms Possum Trap. 
  R has reset it using the same apple as it had only had time for one bite, and it's more than likely to have a friend.
 ( you can see it was a healthy specimen eating our fruit.)
*Wow Pam that's a lot to pay for feijoas - hope they were nice. Give me a ring if your close by and I will share ours with you.
 * I think in Australia feijoas are called tropical guavas? 
* In Austalia Opossums are protected. In NZ they are not as we have so many and they are a major problem in some places. They also spread TB.
 We run a poison bait station near our bush as does the park next door.


Cottage Tails said...

Good job!

Nicky said...

Great work, the only good possum is a dead one! We see more squished dead on the road now than we do when we go out shooting at night around the farm/bush edge.