Monday, March 10, 2014

Work and Play.

Yesterday I took a long walk around every part of our property. It took an hour and 10 minutes. Signs of Autumn on the path leading into the bush. ( The Flevo poplars are always the first to loose their leaves.)

 I found the first feijoas for the year had dropped.( Aren't you glad to be back in NZ Pam? )   Not marvellous examples of them but edible all the same. Yum I am really ready for them. I also spied where a possum had chewed an unripe persimmon so got R to set the trap nearby. 
This is the colour of the sky we have been seeing.....
 And very calm.
 There is not too much more fruit thinning needed in the kiwifruit blocks. I took this photo on Friday where I was working in block 1.
Over the weekend, R has mowed up all the rejected fruit on the ground under the vines so it looks much better, smells less  and we are in less danger of turning an ankle.

 On Thursday evening we went to the 5th birthday party of the pack house we send our kiwifruit to, to get packed and cool stored.
 The dinner was held in Classic Flyers' building. See the interesting surroundings for the event.

 We were sat next to a couple from Auckland who have recently bought an orchard near here and they were amazed to think we had owned our orchard for so long . We are currently grooming our 32nd crop.


notHamilton said...

Glad for the feijoas but as its early in the season I had to pay $13.50 a kilo for my first taste!

Elizabeth said...

Yummmmmmm for feijoas, I have heard from a few people that they are early this year. So enjoy your blog.

Jennifer said...

That is an interesting place indeed! Wow, you have had your place for quite a long time. I have rels just outside Te Puke who grow kiwis - wonder if you know each other?

Thimbleanna said...

Wow -- 32 years! I'm afraid I don't know what a feijoa is -- I should probably check the exotic fruits section of our grocery store. If it hadn't been for Kellie, I wouldn't have given mangos a proper chance. Luckily, kiwis don't fall into that category -- they're much more common here!

Friko said...

These are all alien species to me, including the possums.

That’s a large property to walk around but then there is so much more space on your small island than on ours. :-)