Monday, March 17, 2014

Storm Allows Sewing Time.

We got off pretty lightly with storm damage compared with other parts of the country - as " Lusi, " swept down New Zealand during the weekend.
 The second planting of sweet corn got trashed. The rest  of the strong wind damage is just cleaning up of tree branches and picking up a few avocados from the ground.
 Please note everything here is green for St Patricks day.

 The storm kept me mainly inside so I got some appliqué done.  I was having trouble with the tight inside curve on this leaf  - the fabric frayed so undid it and made it a little larger.
 At Patchwork on Friday Anna  lent me a book called "The Art of Easy Appliqué," by Mini Dietrch and Roxi Eppler. ( published 1994 ) I am busy reading it for any useful tips. I suspect 90% of my difficulty may be my eyesight. 
I am going to hunt down a magnifier on a stand to use.The fact that I am using invisible thread doesn't help. This is flower # 6 almost finished.( out of 24 on the Kim McLean pattern. )

 On Saturday I braved the stormy weather and drove into the city  to the Memorial Service for our Patchwork  member who died 3 months ago. Her family came down from Auckland and played a video of the funeral service ( cause most of us didn't attend ) and people who wanted to say anything could. At the beginning the 11 year Grandson stood up and unaccompanied sang in a pure clear voice " If you need a friend, just call my name. " It had us all spell bound( and teary ) . He was such a nice confident boy ( who can apparently also play drums, guitar and piano. ) His Grandma would have been so proud! We were all given a jar of marmalade( with a little brandy in it ! ) made from the contents of our quilting buddy's freezer ( made up by her daughter ) which the family are still trying to find the bottom of.
 Our friend that died was a very down to earth nurse who had had ( 2 hips and one knee replaced ) quite a tough life but was a battler. She wanted her organs donated and so far 6 separate people have been helped . Both her eyes and her lungs and 3 other bits. She was the oldest to date lung donor in NZ at age 69. She would have been delighted with that info.
 Out in the garden today things are drying out and all the better for the 59 mls of rain we received. Here are some photos I just popped out and took.
 A big fat Bumble bee on Autumn Crocus.

 Some of many red Nerines flowering

Purple Asters.

                                   White wind anemone.
Vireya Sunny Splendour.


Elizabeth said...

I some times use clip on magnifying glasses purchased from the Optician, they are expensive, but well worth it. I so enjoy your blogs

Diane-crewe said...

what a wonderful send off for your friend x Glad you did not have too much damage .. keep safe x Lovely to see some colour .. we have had a couple of dry days and the sun actually got through! gardens are just begining to come to life again x love spring x

Deb said...

I think Lusi passed usby in the Waikato. We are desperate for rain, but she only gave us a light shower. Sounds like a lovely service for your friend and so many people will have a new lease on life now. Such a selfless thing to do.

Christine Healy said...

What a lovely garden.

Jennifer said...

Lovely way to farewell your friend! We've had storms too - lost a large eucalypt tree in our front yard yesterday.

Thimbleanna said...

Look at all those beautiful flowers! It's so touching that your friend's family are taking time to make use of her freezer items -- these days, people are so busy they'll often just throw stuff like that away. Your applique block looks wonderful!