Monday, November 03, 2014

The Block I was Looking For!

Over the weekend I had a great finishing time. I completed the block I was looking for ....the last one....# 24 of 24.
 Now I can press, measure and trim, all the blocks.
 I will make a trial sashing of inch and a half squares to see if I like it. One of the suggestions on the instructions ( there weren't many! ) in the pattern was to mark every inch along the sides of the blocks to make sure the squares in the sashing match and the block strips end up totally accurate. Has anyone ever tried this idea?
 If things are meant to fit accurately I like them to. If they are free and easy I like that too but I have never been quite that wanting for accuracy.
 ( maybe I will try it on the first block I sash? )
 I also finished the book I was reading, " The Signature of All Things," by Elizabeth Gilbert. I enjoyed it and rated it 4 out of 5. (Historical Fiction)
 I have now started "The Rosie Effect," by Graeme Simsion (Australian), which is the sequel to "The Rosie Project," which I rated 5 out of 5. It was a laugh a page. I hope I enjoy this one as much. I heard the author being interviewed on the radio yesterday. He said maybe there might be a 3rd in 5 years time.
I also finished planting out these wee Zinnias I grew from seed.
 I was pleased with the take. I think every one must have germinated, unlike a packet of delphiniums. I planted at the same time . Only 3 of those grew.

 It took me ages as there was over 80.
 The last few went in the gaps in my wild flower patch, A rabbit has chewed some plants there but it is mainly doing okay.  The same rabbit has also scratched out some plants near the front gate that were doing nicely so I am after him / her. 
( A job for R with the gun. )

 Did you wonder what that smell was?
 This got delivered last week and has now been spread under the kiwifruit vines. Compost with I think fish in it.......Phew what a pong. Good stuff though. (Leanne's  favourite thing.)

 It is raining here this morning. I knew rain was forecast so I worked at the bud thinning in the kiwifruit yesterday I am having Sunday afternoon on Monday morning.
 I have  already been for a long walk before the wet started and made a batch of savoury scones .
 One day last week I made an old favourite recipe - carrot cake. I made it in 2 loaf tins and froze one. It is moist and delicious....rationed to one small slice a day.

 R is making good progress after his op and is generally adhering to the post op instructions...he's getting lots of reading done.
 I took this last photo when I was at the Grace Hospital last week. Their decorated Bras for Cancer Awareness Week were displayed on the balcony by the stairs.

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